Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The BHC at OAH 2017

The 2017 meeting of the Organization of American Historians (OAH) will take place in New Orleans, Louisiana, on April 6-9. The theme of the meeting is "Circulation."
    The Business History Conference is sponsoring several sessions at the meeting. The early version of the OAH program on-line does not allow linking, but the list can be found by selecting "Business and Economy" on the By Interest" section of the program page. BHC-related sessions are:
"New Perspectives on Advertising History"
"Pimps, Rebels, and 'Fancy Girls': Troubled Circulations in the North American Slave Trade"
"The Post Office Department and the Shaping of American Life"
"Captive Minds and Footloose Capital: Making Transnational Capitalism in Postwar America"
"Grades of Purity: Agricultural Marketing and Circulating Commodities"
Readers might also be particularly interested in "Economic Circulations in the Early American Republic," which can be found in the "Early America" section. The program contains many other sessions and individual papers of interest; we will highlight those in a later post.