Friday, December 16, 2016

October 2016 Special Issue of BHR on Agriculture: Open Access

The October 2016 number of the Business History Review is a special issue on "Food and Agriculture." The contents can currently be accessed without subscription or charge on the Cambridge University Press BHR site. Articles include
Emily Pawley, "Cataloging Nature: Standardizing Fruit Varieties in the United States, 1800–1860"
Casey Marina Lurtz, "Developing the Mexican Countryside: The Department of Fomento's Social Project of Modernization"
Teresa da Silva Lopes, "Building Brand Reputation through Third-Party Endorsement: Fair Trade in British Chocolate"
Ai Hisano, "The Rise of Synthetic Colors in the American Food Industry, 1870–1940"
Sarah Milov, "Promoting Agriculture: Farmers, the State, and Checkoff Marketing, 1935–2005"
Shane Hamilton, "Revisiting the History of Agribusiness"
Readers will also be interested to know that the BHR has set up a series of "online collections," comprising key articles from various issues on specific topics: Economic History, Emerging Markets, Editors' Picks for 2016, and (forthcoming) Management and Strategy. All of these essays can be freely accessed.