Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Catching Up on Business History around the Web

For the reading pleasure of those academics on holiday break this week, we provide some links to the work of business historians recently featured on-line:

Christy Chapin appeared on "Who Makes Cents?" to discuss the centrality of insurance companies to American health care.

The "Ben Franklin's World" podcast, run by Liz Covart, recently hosted three episodes of interest:
    Brian Murphy on his book, Building the Empire State
    Jonathan Eacott on his work, Selling Empire: India in the Making of Britain and America, 1700-1830
    Mary Beth Norton, on the Tea Crisis of 1773 

Ken Lipartito has posted Part II of his essay on capitalism and slavery.

On BackStory, two rebroadcasts of interest in December: "Counter Culture: A History of Shopping" and "New and Improved: Advertising in America."

Thomas Zeiler has a review essay on Marc-William Palen's "Conspiracy" of Free Trade on the Imperial & Global Forum.

Lucy Newton discusses Guide to the Unprotected in Every-Day Matters Relating to Property and Income (1863) on BBC Radio 4.

Roger Horowitz talks about his book Kosher USA with Melissa Amster of "Everyday Eats." He also guest blogged about his research for the Jewish Book Council's "Prosen People" site.