Friday, December 30, 2016

Program and Conference Report: “Credit, Currency & Commerce”

‘Dividend Day at the Bank of England’ (cropped) by George Elgar Hicks (1824-1914), Bank of England Museum © The Governor and Company of the Bank of England.
The Centre for Financial History at Cambridge hosted a two-day conference in September 2016 on "Credit, Currency & Commerce: New Perspectives in Financial and Monetary History." The conference program is available here. The keynote speakers were Martin Daunton, who spoke on "Bretton Woods Revisited: Currency, Commerce and Contestation," and Anne Murphy, whose topic was "The Genesis of Modern Management: the Eighteenth-Century Bank of England at Work." An extensive conference report by Sabine Schneider has been posted. Support for the meeting was provided by the Economic History Society, the Centre for Financial History and the Faculty of History at the University of Cambridge.