Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ken Lipartito Launches Blog on Trump and Economic History

Long-time BHC member (past-president, 2012-13) and former editor of Enterprise & Society Ken Lipartito has launched a blog called "In the Age of Trump," styled as "an occasional blog on economics, politics, and culture" and "a first draft of history in the age of Trump." The point of view may be inferred from the site's logo, which is an image of the sinking Titanic. Lipartito, who teaches history at Florida International University in Miami ("the future Atlantis"), promises to continue writing the blog "as long as I can keep treading water."
    The initial post, "An Economic History of Trumpism," provides a link to an extended essay posted on SSRN. A second essay (in two parts), is titled "Capitalism and Slavery Redux" and comments on recent publications and discussion on that topic.