Friday, May 15, 2015

Web Resource: Mathew Carey Account Books Database

Courtesy of the American Antiquarian Society
The American Antiquarian Society (AAS) in Worcester, Massachusetts, recently announced the creation of  a database for navigating the Mathew Carey account books. Carey (1760-1839), publisher, economist, and humanitarian, was born in Dublin, Ireland. He came to America in 1784 after involvement in Irish revolutionary activities and took up his trade as a printer, His firm was a leader in American printing and publishing from 1795 to 1835. Carey was an active proponent of the protective tariff, as well as an ardent champion of oppressed minorities in Europe.
    According to the AAS blog, "Past Is Present," "the database contains over 12,000 names, most of which refer to people, but also contain references to ships, firms, and institutions such as schools." This blog post and an earlier one provide examples and information on the creation of the database. For complete instructions on the use of the Carey database, please visit the AAS database website.