Monday, May 11, 2015

Seminar Series: Organizational History

A group of European scholars has established an ESRC Seminar Series on Organizational History, with a home base at Aston Business School. The organizing team consists of Stephanie Decker (Aston Business School), Michael Rowlinson (Queen Mary University London), and John Hassard (Manchester Business School). Copenhagen Business School is also a sponsor. According to the website,
The ESRC-sponsored seminar series provides a platform for international research on historical analysis of organizations, heritage and reflective societies. All events revolve around three interlinked themes: archiving and archival research as resources for organizational analysis, organizational remembering, and emerging methodologies that challenge organizational histories. Leading international scholars will discuss current research initiatives. . . . During these one day events there will be sufficient time to discuss ongoing research with leading scholars and journal editors from different disciplines.
The website, hosted by Aston, is intended to become a hub for scholars who work in the area of organizational history. The first event in the seminar series, “Managing the Past: The Role of Organizational Archives” took place at Aston Business School in March 2015; the next seminar will take place at Queen Mary University London on July 15. The list of upcoming seminars can be found here.