Friday, May 8, 2015

Web Resource: Barclays Group Archives

Reproduced from historylondon
The Barclays Group Archives (BGA) are located in Manchester, UK. The company has recently created a new website for the Archives to aid researchers. According to the website,
The archives cover 1.5 miles of shelving and are held in secure, environmentally-controlled strong rooms. Our oldest artefact dates back to 1567 and new material is added every day. Every precious bit of history is listed on a searchable database. . . . The records have come from Barclays as we know it today, and from the various banks and building societies that merged to become part of the Barclays Group. 
The website provides digital access to a great deal of information, though the Archives is so large that the digitized materials represent only a tiny fraction. Visitors to the site will find a selection of annual reports, founding bank histories, advertisements, objects, and "stories" highlighting various aspects of Barclays' history.
     At the physical Archives in Manchester, detailed database catalogues are available to consult in person, and specific catalogues may be generated on request. BGA has become a contributor to The Archives Hub, and intends to add collection-level descriptions, suitably indexed, to supplement its own detailed database catalogues and indexes. A detailed discussion of the Archives contents written by the archivist, Nicholas Webb, can be found on the Archives Hub blog.