Monday, May 18, 2015

New Books of Interest in Paperback: Spring Edition

A list of recent and forthcoming titles of interest now issued in paperback:
Jennifer L. Anderson, Mahogany: The Costs of Luxury in Early America (Harvard University Press, April 2015 [2012])

Chris Armstrong, Moose Pastures and Mergers: The Ontario Securities Commission and the Regulation of Share Markets in Canada, 1940-1980 (University of Toronto Press, February 2015 [2001])

Susan Porter Benson, Household Accounts: Working-Class Family Economies in the Interwar United States (Cornell University Press, April 2015 [2007])

Angus Burgin, The Great Persuasion: Reinventing Free Markets since the Depression (Harvard University Press, April 2015 [2012])

W. Bernard Carlson: Tesla: Inventor of the Electrical Age ((Princeton University Press, April 2015 [2013])

Donald Creighton, The Empire of the St. Lawrence: A Study in Commerce and Politics (University of Toronto Press, February 2015 [1937; 1956])

Paloma Fernández Pérez and Andrea Colli, eds., The Endurance of Family Businesses: A Global Overview (Cambridge University Press, January 2015 [2013])

Aldo Musacchio, Experiments in Financial Democracy: Corporate Governance and Financial Development in Brazil, 1882–1950 (Cambridge University Press, March 2015 [2009])

Margaret Ellen Newell, From Dependency to Independence: Economic Revolution in Colonial New England (Cornell University Press, April 2015 [1998])

David E. Nye, America's Assembly Line (MIT Press, January 2015 [2013])

Richard C. Overton, Gulf to Rockies: The Heritage of the Fort Worth and Denver—Colorado and Southern Railways, 1861-1898 (University of Texas Press, January 2015 [1953])

Keith Roberts, The Origins of Business, Money, and Markets  (Columbia Business School Publishing, February 2015 [2011])

Joshua D. Wolff, Western Union and the Creation of the American Corporate Order, 1845-1893
(Cambridge University Press, January 2015 [2013])