Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CFP: SSHA Proposals Due February 15

The Social Science History Association (SSHA) will hold its annual meeting on November 17-20, 2011, in Boston, Massachusetts. The theme this year is "Generation to Generation." The participation of graduate students and recent Ph.D.s, as well as more-established scholars, from a wide range of disciplines and departments is encouraged. The call for papers states:
The 2011 Program Committee encourages panel proposals examining exchanges between generations across time and space. Every social system is characterized by flows of services, goods, and ideas between parents and children/old and young at individual, community, and national scales. How has the transmission of wealth, knowledge, and culture changed? What are the modes and rhythms of exchange between generations? How are generational exchanges mediated and modified by institutions and the state? How are hierarchies of gender and age linked to generational succession? How do the time-specific experiences of generations (cohorts) shape their health, values, and politics? The SSHA community is invited to examine the transition between generations as the framework of social life and the incarnation of historical change.
The usual broad range of sessions proposed by participants and networks is also welcome.  Paper, panel, or poster proposals for the 2011 should be submitted electronically at http://conference.ssha.org/. Submissions of complete sessions are preferred, though individual paper proposals are permitted.  The submission deadline is February 15, 2011.

The SSHA program is developed through networks of people interested in particular topics. Current networks, with their representatives' e-mail and web addresses are listed on the SSHA website. Economics network member Evan Roberts recently sent a message to H-Business outlining the interests identified by his network, which should be read by those interested in submitting a proposal.