Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 Business History Studies Network Bulletin Released

The 2010 edition of the Boletín de la Red de Estudios de Historia de Empresas (Bulletin of the Network for Business History Studies), edited by María Inés Barbera and Andrea Lluch of the Universidad de San Andrés, Argentina, has been published.  Its purpose is “to provide virtual information and become a discussion forum for researchers from several fields who are interested in business history. The Bulletin/Review contains two main sections—“Debates” and “Archives”—introducing new issues, topics, and sources for the study of
business history. It also includes a section on bibliographical reviews and current information on seminars, lectures, publications, dissertations, and other field-specific materials.” The Bulletin is in Spanish, with an English summary attached. Previous issues are available on the AMHE (Asociación Mexicana de Historia Económica) site.