Thursday, January 27, 2011

CFP Reminder: 2012 AHA Proposals Due in February

A reminder that proposals for the 2012 meeting of the American Historical Association, to be held January 5-8 in Chicago, Illinois, are due on February 15. The theme of the meeting is "Communities and Networks."  As described by the organizers:
The term “Communities” points to an interest in the formation of groups—ranging from the level of families and villages to institutional communities, such as confessional groups, corporations, and universities and to nations, empires, and virtual communities. The term “Networks” asks us to look at the linkages that tie and hold together all these communities. It refers to all types of intercon-nectivity, ranging from transportation, communication, and technology networks to all kinds of group relationships, such as mercantile partnerships and intellectual collaborations. These tightly interrelated topics can be approached from a number of methodological angles, ranging from the methods of social, cultural, or intellectual history to economic, diplomatic, military, or technological history. . . . Above all, we hope that it will attract interdisciplinary panels that show how these apparently disparate fields can cross-pollinate.
A fuller explanation of the theme can be found on the AHA website, as can the full call for proposals. Proposals are invited for sessions in five different formats: formal sessions (paper presentations plus comment), sessions devoted to precirculated papers, thematic workshops, roundtable discussions, and practicums. Individuals or small groups may also propose presentations of posters that allow historians to share their research through visual materials or “experimental” panels using forms of presentation not covered by the other session types. Proposals must be submitted electronically; those wishing to submit should read both the "Annual Meeting Guidelines" and the submission FAQ on the AHA website.