Friday, August 5, 2016

Conference Report: “Law in the History of Capitalism”

Over at the Legal History Blog, Victoria Saker Woeste has provided an extensive report on "Law in the History of Capitalism," the recent conference for advanced graduate students organized by the Legal History Consortium on July 27-28, and sponsored by the American Bar Foundation and the University of Chicago Law School. Fifteen students were chosen to participate from a competitive field of fifty-eight applicants; among the several presenters well known in business history circles were Judge Glock, Elizabeth Harmon, Nate Holdren, and Sean Vanatta. Session topics included "Corporations, Personhood, and Privacy"; "Currency and National Debt in Comparative Perspective"; "The Capitalist Transition: Trade, Technology, and Slavery"; "Workers’ Compensation and the Historicization of Labor"; and "Credit, Markets, and Regulation in the Postwar Era." The plenary address was provided by Christine Desan of Harvard Law School, who spoke about "Making the Modern Market: Capitalism and Legal Design."