Monday, September 28, 2015

Dataset Resource: “The Magazine of Early American Datasets”

In coordination with the McNeil Center for Early American Studies and the Scholarly Commons site of the University of Pennsylvania Libraries, historians Andrew M. Schocket and Billy G. Smith have established the Magazine of Early American Datasets (MEAD). MEAD is an online repository of datasets compiled by historians of early North America. The project preserves and makes available these datasets in their original format and as comma-separated-value files (.csv). Each body of data is also accompanied by a codebook. Seven datasets are currently available, including "U.S. Corporate Development, 1790-1850," from Robert Wright, and "Stockholders in the Bank of Pennsylvania, 1790," from Andrew Schocket.
     Andrew M. Schocket, is professor of history and American culture studies and director of American Culture Studies at Bowling Green State University; Billy G. Smith is the Michael P. Malone Professor of History and Distinguished Professor of Letters and Science at Montana State University. Readers can find their invitation to historians to add databases to the repository at The Junto. Questions may be directed to them via email.