Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Conference Program: Business History at the AHA

The 2016 American Historical Association (AHA) meeting will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, on January 7-10. The program has now been posted on-line at the meeting website. The theme of the meeting is "Global Migrations: Empires, Nations, and Neighbors." Many sessions are of direct interest to business and economic historians. (Links lead to session panels and abstracts.)
    First, there are the sessions and luncheon sponsored by the Business History Conference. The BHC luncheon theme this year is "Business and Borders: Capitalism." Sponsored sessions are:
Session 38: "New Histories of the Trade in Old Stuff: Re-Use and Resale in 20th-Century American Popular Culture"
Session 91: "War in the Western World: New Economic and Social Perspectives"
Session 119: "Labor Migration from and to Europe: Migrants as Job Seekers and Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurs"
Session 155: "Pipe Dreams: Aspirations and Impacts of Oil Transport during the Cold War"
Next, highlights of business-history related sessions:
Session 73: "The Economics of Urban Life in 19th-Century Mexico and Brazil"
Session 90: "Modernizing Capitalism in the Antebellum American South"
Session 116: "Wealth and Social Welfare: Market-Based Reform and Anti-poverty Policies"
Session 131: "Teaching the History of Money"
Session 158: "New Ventures in African Economic History: Avenues toward a Broad Study of Historical Economic Life"
Session 243: "The Global Migration of Economic Expertise and the Origins of International Development"
Session 265, "New Approaches to Globalizing the History of American Capitalism"
Session 161: "Podcasting History: A Roundtable Discussion" (including the founders of "Who Makes Cents")
CLAH Session 19: "Markets and Consumerism in the 19th and 20th Centuries"
Central European History Society 8: "Lars Maischak’s German Merchants in the Nineteenth-Century Atlantic"
Agricultural History Society: "Arresting Contagion: Science, Policy, and Conflicts over Animal Disease Control—Roundtable on Federalism, Regulation, Bureaucracy, Food Safety, and Public Health"
Individual papers/roundtables of interest:
Edward Balleisen is chairing the AHA Teaching Division session, "Where I Work: Historians and Our Institutions"
James L. Baughman, " 'That Voodoo That You Do': Reporting Reaganomics, 1980" (Session 233)
Kendra Boyd, " 'It Will Take Business to Complete the Emancipation of Lincoln': Migrant Entrepreneurs and the Development of Detroit’s Black Business Community" (Session 173)
Joshua Clark Davis, "Head Shops and Whole Foods: Countercultural Retailers of the 1960s and 1970s" (Session 181)
Torsten Feys, "Transatlantic Migration under the Neutral Flag in World War I: A Business Perspective" (Session 174)
Alejandro J. Gomez-del-Moral, "Consuming the Common Market: Self-Service Food Commerce and European Integration in Franco’s Spain, 1956–66" (Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies Session 1)
Viviana L. Grieco, "A Spanish Merchant’s Challenge: Trade, Credit, and Consumption through Sebastian De Torres’ Books, 1790–1830s" (Session 14, CLAH)
Donna Guy, "The Economics of Shopping: Harrods and Gath y Chaves in Buenos Aires, 1883–1955"(Session 14, CLAH)
Nate Holdren, "Liability, Employability, and Disabled Workers’ Injury Lawsuits in the Early 20th-Century United States" (Session 64)
Lindsay Schakenbach Regele, "A Readiness for Violence: War Preparations in the Early-Republic United States" (Session 241)
Chantal Rodriguez, "Disability across Borders: Labor Law, Medicine, and the Pullman Company’s Transnational Operations between Mexico and the United States, 1920–34" (Session 64)
Michelle R. Scott, " 'These Ladies Do "Business" with a Capital B': Female Entrepreneurship in Early 20th-Century Black Theater" (Session 25)
Andrew Zonderman, "Foot Soldiers in the Empire of Goods: The German-Speaking Merchant Community of Colonial Philadelphia" (Session 61)
Finally, a number of poster sessions are relevant here:
Jessica Csoma,"Immigrant Entrepreneurs up Close and Digital: German American Business Biographies, 1720 to the Present"
Sarah E. McCartney, "Mapping the Mathews’ Store: Commerce and Community in Virginia’s Revolutionary-Era Backcountry"
Anthony Charles Pratcher II, "The Retail Wars: The Built Suburban Environment and the Evolution of Community in Maryvale, Arizona, 1970–80"
Registration for the meeting is now open; for many more details, please consult the conference website.