Friday, September 4, 2015

2015 Fall Workshops and Seminars of Interest

As the new academic year begins, we again offer a round-up of ongoing workshops, forums, and discussion groups in business and economic history. Please check each website for more detailed information. Some groups, particularly those in non-US universities, may not yet have posted Fall 2015 information; in those cases, a link to the home site or last available listing is included.
     In addition to their value for those able to participate directly, these groups often maintain mailing lists and sometimes make speakers' papers freely available.
Business History Seminar, Harvard Business School (scroll down)
Business History @ Erasmus Seminars
Centre for Business History Seminar, Copenhagen Business School
Center for the History of Business, Technology, and Society (Hagley) Research Seminars
Centre for Macroeconomics and the Historical Record (MEHR), University of Copenhagen
Charles Warren Center for Studies in American History, Harvard University [look for the "American Capitalism" entries]
Columbia University Seminar in Economic History
Economic History Seminar, LSE
Economic History Seminar Series, University of Pompeu Fabra

Economic and Social History of the Premodern World, IHR, University of London
Economic History Workshop, University of Michigan
Financial History Seminar Series, Stern School, NYU
FRESH Meeting schedule
Harvard Economic History Workshop
History and Economics Seminar, Harvard University
Newberry Seminar on the History of Capitalism
Northwestern Economic History Workshop
Paris School of Economics, Economic History Seminar
PEAES Fellows Colloquium and Seminars, Library Company of Philadelphia
Penn Economic History Forum
Program on the Study of Capitalism, Harvard University
Queen's University (Ontario) Economic History Workshop
Queen's University (Belfast) Centre for Economic History Workshop
Seminar in Economic History, Barnard College
Seminars in Economic and Social History, University of Cambridge
Vanderbilt University Economic History Workshop
Von Gremp Workshop in Economic and Entrepreneurial History, UCLA [select Fall 2015]
Washington (D.C.) Area Economic History Seminar
Workshop on the Cultural History of Capitalism, University of Georgia
Yale Economic History Workshop