Wednesday, February 22, 2012

March Enterprise & Society Available

The March 2012 issue of Enterprise & Society is now available on the Oxford University Press website. Full text access requires a subscription (included in BHC membership), but the abstracts or extracts are accessible to all.
  Contents include Richard John's presidential address from the 2011 BHC meeting ("Robber Barons Redux: Antimonopoly Reconsidered"), as well as the following articles:
Philip M. Glende, "Labor Makes the News: Newspapers, Journalism, and Organized Labor, 1933-1955"

Patricia Van Den Eeckhout and Peter Scholliers, "The Proliferation of Brands: The Case of Food in Belgium, 1890-1940"

Geoffrey Jones and Christina Lubinski, "Managing Political Risk in Global Business: Beiersdorf, 1914-1990"

Janette Rutterford, "The Shareholder Voice: British and American Accents, 1890-1965"

Elizabeth Fones-Wolf and Ken Fones-Wolf, "Religion, Human Relations, and Union Avoidance in the 1950s: The Electrical Industry's Southern Strategy and Its Limits"