Friday, February 24, 2012

Bretton Woods Transcript Apparently Found

J. M. Keynes addresses Bretton
Woods delegates, 1944
The Telegraph (UK) reported yesterday on its blog that a previously unknown transcript of the 1944 monetary conference at Bretton Woods has been discovered. According to the post,
"this extraordinary manuscript has never before come to light. Professor Steve Hanke of John Hopkins University, whose former student it was who discovered the document, is now dashing to publish it in full in conjunction with his friend, Jacques de Larosiere. The first stage of the process, transcribing the type-written document into digital form is now complete, though it is not yet available. It's hoped eventually to produce a hard-copy, book version."
    The transcript, which runs to 800 pages, would provide the only complete first-hand account of the meetings that set up the basis for a postwar international monetary system. (One can find a partial list of currently available materials at the International Monetary Fund Archives website.) No word yet on when, or in what form, the transcript will be made available. Hanke is co-director, with Louis Galambos, of the Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health, and Study of Business Enterprise at Johns Hopkins.