Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Business History in the Blogosphere

Some links to recent items of interest to business historians from the blogosphere:
Two recent posts at The Historical Society blog:
  Heather Cox Richardson on a famous and a not-so-famous board game and capitalism: "Board Games, Capitalism, and Piracy," and Dan Alosso on "Capitalism and Colonialism";

The Echoes blog— most recently, Philip Scranton ("This Week in the Great Depression"), Maury Klein, Elizabeth Tandy Shermer, and Wendy Woloson;

The Smithsonian's blog for its new "American Enterprise" project;

James Livingston on "corporate personhood" at HNN, parts I and II;

Library of Congress Digital Preservation Blog: "Preserving Business History" (featuring the Hagley Library and Museum and David Kirsch's DotCom Era);

Caitlin Rosenthal's blog for news pertinent to Harvard's "Study of Capitalism Program";

Daniele Pozzi of the Università Carlo Cattaneo, posting on "Business History and Critical Management Studies"