Monday, February 6, 2012

CFP: Business History at the British Academy of Management

The 2012 British Academy of Management (BAM) conference will be held on September 11-13 at Cardiff University. The overall conference theme is "Management Research Revisited: Prospects for Theory and Practice." The deadline for proposals, originally announced as February 17, has been extended to February 29. Kevin Tennent, chair of the Management and Business History track for the meeting, has written:
As a track we can make an important contribution to the discussion as a whole at BAM 2012, while further encouraging historians to think more clearly about how theory underpins their work and how it can potentially inform practice. We believe that the current environment both in the world of practice and within the academic sphere offers historians an excellent opportunity to introduce the value of their work to other social scientists.
The full track summary is available on the BAM2012 site, where complete submission details can also be found.