Monday, July 4, 2011

IBM at 100: A Round-Up of Media Coverage

As many in the business history community will have noted, IBM (International Business Machines) turned 100 last month (June 16, to be precise, marking the date that the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company was founded). The company marked the occasion with  its own centennial website, featuring films, images, and essays about IBM's past and future. A great deal of other material about the history of the company can be found on the IBM Archives website, including interviews with Tom Watson, Sr. and Jr.
   In addition, several newspaper and magazine columnists took note of the event:
The New York Times published "Lessons in Longevity from IBM"
The Economist published a lengthy substantive piece, "1100100 and Counting"
Biztech2 imagined the world without IBM
The Atlantic provided a "Heavily Illustrated Timeline"
Forbes featured an interview with current CEO Sam Palmisano
The WSJ published "100 Years of 'Think' " and a "Happy Birthday" piece on its Tech blog
CNN Money published a short retrospective and an article on "Lessons"
PCWorld looked at IBM's technological milestones
CNet wrote about "15 Inflection Points in History"
NPR published a time line of IBM's most important moments
CNBC featured a guest blog by Steve Hamm, co-author of IBM's centennial book, Making the World Work Better
PBS's Nightly Business Report ran an interview with IBM's VP of Innovation
MarketWatch focused on "What IBM Can Teach Apple and HP"
"The Street" ran an article entitled "100 Years of Fortitude"
The Early Show on CBS covered the anniversary
The history of technology scholar most well known for work on IBM is Emerson Pugh, especially Building IBM: Shaping an Industry and Its Technology (MIT Press, 1995; 2009); for an early business history, see Robert Sobel, Thomas Watson, Sr.: IBM and the Computer Revolution (1981; 2008); on the Watsons, books include Richard S. Tedlow's The Watson Dynasty (HarperCollins, 2004) and journalist Kevin Maney's The Maverick and His Machine: Thomas Watson, Sr., and the Making of IBM (John Wiley, 2004). Maney is also the co-author, with Steve Hamm and Jeffrey O'Brien, of IBM's own centennial history, Making the World Work Better (IBM Press, 2011).