Sunday, July 10, 2011

Business and Economic History at the SHEAR Meeting

SHEAR (Society for Historians of the Early American Republic) is meeting this week in  Philadelphia (July 14-17). The program includes several sessions of interest to business and economic historians of the early modern period. For example:
Session 6. Laboring Others
Aaron Marrs, chair and commentator
Jay M. Perry: Irish Immigrant Secret Societies and Building of Indiana Canals
Darla Thompson: Engineering Louisiana: Working Slaves on the Public Works
Session 9. Materialism and Anti-Materialism in the Economic Development of New York City
Rohit Thomas Aggarwala, chair and commentator
Brian P. Murphy: Incorporation: Banking on the Future by Banking in the City, 1784–1792
Clifton Hood: Culture and Enterprise: The Roots of New York City’s Rise to Dominance
James Lundberg: "Where Labor is Loathed and Luxury Coveted": Greeley in the Great Emporium, 1831–1860
Session 11. Economic Change and the War of 1812
Cathy Matson, chair and commentator
Colleen F. Rafferty: "To establish an intercourse between our respective houses": Continuity and Change in Mid-Atlantic Networks, 1800-1815
Martin Öhman: The Restrictive System and the War of 1812 in the Mid-Atlantic Region
Lawrence Hatter: The Diplomacy of State Building: The War of 1812 and the Formation of an American Commercial State in the West, 1803-1817
Session 33. Blurring the Public-Private Divide: Federal Patronage in the Antebellum Era
Daniel Feller, chair; Richard R. John, commentator
Stephen Campbell: Hard Times: Federal Patronage, Bank Loans, and Public Opinion in the Bank War
Sean Patrick Adams: Making Markets Out of Shot and Shell: Catharine Furnace, Contract Capitalism, and the Problem of Virginia Industrialization
Session 34. Markets Fair and Foul
Andrew R. L. Cayton, chair and commentator
Catherine Cangany: "Sinister Conduct": Staples Smuggling along the Detroit River, 1796-1840
Daniel P. Glenn: The Fabric of a Commercial Empire: Citizenship, Credit, and the Competition for the Great Lakes
Jeffrey Perry: Panic of the Frontier: Paper Money, Female Luxury, and Indiana Manhood, 1818-1824
Session 53. Marc Egnal: James Fenimore Cooper’s Leatherstocking Tales and the Rise of Commercial Capitalism
Lodging information and other details are posted on the meeting website, though the fullest information is to be found in the program brochure. Those interested in proposing a paper for the 2012 meeting (July 19-22 in Baltimore, Md., with a theme of "Local and Global Connections in the Early Republic: New Approaches and New Contexts") can find the call for papers at the end of that document.