Friday, July 8, 2011

The BHC Becomes an AHA Affiliate Organization

At its annual meeting in January, the American Historical Association (AHA) voted to accept the application of the Business History Conference to become an affiliate member of the AHA. We're happy to announce that the BHC affiliate page on the AHA site is now active. As the AHA affiliation application page explains:
Currently, over one hundred different historical organizations are affiliated with the AHA. These affiliates are a diverse group that includes the American Studies Association, the History of Science Society, the North American Conference on British Studies, and the World History Association, to name just a few. The Association's goal in establishing this broad network of organizations is to promote collaboration and communication across the wide history community.
Affiliate status confers certain benefits, including the opportunity to publish organization news and announcements in AHA Perspectives. BHC members Pamela Laird and Michele Alacevich collected the data and prepared the paperwork required to obtain affiliate status.