Friday, April 15, 2011

EABH Conference and Workshop Information Available

The European Association of Banking and Financial History (EABH) has posted information about its upcoming conference, which till take place in Amsterdam on May 20-21, 2011. The theme of the conference is "Corporate Governance in Financial Institutions: Historical Developments and Current Problems." The meeting will be accompanied by a workshop on "Photography Collections of (Financial) Companies: A Corporate Historical View," which will take place on May 19. In the words of the organizers, the conference:
intends to evoke discussions about the historical antecedents and evolution of the management control, ownership and regulation in financial institutions. In particular, the conference will focus on four topics: Models of Corporate Governance; Governance Mechanisms in Financial Institutions; Regulation and Legislation of Governance; Archives and Corporate Governance. The conference will explore the historical evolution of corporate governance in the finance and insurance industry, and the impact banking and financial crises have had on this evolution, both in a European and global context. The conference will open with a panel discussion on Corporate Governance.
The aim of the workshop is to put corporate photography collections in the spotlight, with a focus on photography at financial companies. Where are these collections? How are they preserved and managed? Who knows about them? How are they used? How can we see these collections? Please note that participation in the workshop is limited; registration must be completed by Friday, April 29, 2011.
   Registration and accommodation information for both the conference and the workshop can be found on the EABH conference website.