Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 2011 Enterprise & Society Now Available

The March 2011 Enterprise & Society is a special issue featuring "New Perspectives on the Military-Industrial Complex." In the introductory essay, Michael Bernstein and Mark R. Wilson write:
In this special issue of Enterprise and Society, we revisit the subject of the MIC [military-industrial complex] by featuring the work of a new generation of scholars. This more recent scholarship is distinguished by its focus on case studies, its broader perception of the complex patterns of cause-and-effect portrayed in the evidence, and its determination to generate a more systematic (and, at times thereby, more complicated) set of conclusions regarding the history and implications of the MIC.
Related articles include:
  • Mark R. Wilson, "Making 'Goop' Out of Lemons: The Permanente Metals Corporation, Magnesium Incendiary Bombs, and the Struggle for Profits during World War II"
  • Eugene Gholz, "Eisenhower versus the Spin-off Story: Did the Rise of the Military–Industrial Complex Hurt or Help America's Commercial Aircraft Industry?"
  • Edmund F. Wehrle, " 'Aid Where It Is Needed Most': American Labor's Military–Industrial Complex"
  • Jocelyn Wills, "Innovation in a Cold [War] Climate: Engineering Peace with the American Military–Industrial Complex"
  • Jeffrey A. Engel, "Not Yet A Garrison State: Reconsidering Eisenhower's Military–Industrial Complex" 
For  the full table of contents of the March issue, please visit the journal's "current issue" site.  Full access requires a subscription, but extracts of each article are accessible to all.