Monday, March 7, 2011

All-University of California Group in Economic History Events Announced

The All-California Group in Economic History has posted a call for papers and the program, respectively, for two of its upcoming events.
   The All-UC Group, in cooperation with the Center for the Evolution of the Global Economy, has issued a call for papers for a conference to be held May 6-7, 2011, at the UC Davis Conference Center.  The topic is “New Perspectives on the Great Specialization in the Nineteenth Century: Growth, Welfare, and Inter-dependence.” The call for papers states:
Rapid technological advances were a major force in shaping the global economy of the nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries.  These changes, along with the building of overseas empires, affected the international division of labor, generating what has recently been referred to as a “Great Specialization.” . . . This conference seeks to bring together scholars working on research related to the relation between economic growth and market integration, the welfare impact of integration, and policy constraints wrought by these fundamental forces of technology and specialization.  Papers making use of new data sets on regions outside of Western Europe, especially those investigating the evolution of global markets and their impact on local economies, are of special interest.   Papers presenting new ways of conceptualizing the process of economic change, the structure of international markets and their relation in this period are also welcome.
   To submit a paper proposal or to attend, please see the conference website; proposals are requested by March 21, 2011.

On April 22-23, 2011, the All-UC Group, in connection with the Huntington Library and Caltech, will hold a conference on “Space and Place in Economic Growth” at the Huntington Library. The program has now been posted.  The conference will examine the role of space in economic activity in long-term perspective. Presenters include Price Fishback, Sheilagh Ogilvie, and Lee Alston.
   Those who would like to attend should contact Hilary Wilkoff ( no later than March 11.