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Call for Papers: #Conference on Indian Business & Economic History

2nd International Conference on Indian Business & Economic History Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad August 24 (Tue), Aug 25 (Wed), Aug 26 (Thu), Aug 27 (Fri), 2021 The 2nd International Conference on Indian Business & Economic History will be hosted online, anchored by IIMA, on August 24-27, 2021. It will be a forum to host research papers, provide a workshop for Ph.D. students, and spark conversations on this subject. The conference will draw in leading scholars working in the field within and outside India. Conference Organizing Committee Chinmay Tumbe (IIM-Ahmedabad, India) Tirthankar Roy (London School of Economics & Political Science) Medha Kudaisya (National University of Singapore) Bishnupriya Gupta (Warwick University) Chikayoshi Nomura (Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo) Conference Timeline Submission Deadline : April 30, 2021 Notification to selected students and speakers by May 10, 2021 Conference Dates : August 24 (PhD Student Workshop), August 25, 26, 27

History of Capitalism Summer Camp

Cornell University History of Capitalism Summer Camp The application deadline is May 1, 2021. The form to submit your application is available here .

Virtual conference at Hagley

AVON: AN INTERNATIONAL FORUM ON ITS ARCHIVE In the 20 years since Avon Products, Inc., deposited its records at Hagley Library they have become one of our most popular research collections. A virtual event on May 7 will bring attention to their contribution to history. Avon Products, Inc., is one of the oldest direct selling companies in America. It traces its origins to 1886, when David H. McConnell bought the Union Publishing Company and started manufacturing perfumes to give away with his books. McConnell discovered that his customers were more interested in the fragrances than the books, so he decided to concentrate on selling perfumes. The business was renamed the California Perfume Company (CPC) in an effort to associate its products with the perceived beauty of the Golden State. From the beginning, CPC sold directly to the consumer through a national network of sales representatives, primarily women, who were looking for economic opportunity and flexible part-time employment. In

Prizes awarded at the #BHC2021online

  Please join me in congratulating the winners of the Mira Wilkins Prize ; Paolo di Martino, Mark Latham & Michelangelo Vasta, ‘Bankruptcy Laws around Europe (1850-2015): Institutional Change and Institutional Features’, Enterprise & Society 21: 4 (December 2020), 936-990. The committee, formed by Asli M. Colpan (Kyoto University, Japan), Rory M. Miller (University of Liverpool, UK), and Manuel Llorca-Jaña (Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile) "decided to award the prize to this paper for a number of reasons. The foundation for it is a large database of bankruptcy and insolvency laws which the authors have constructed, covering thirty European countries over 165 years; the data is fully detailed in the appendices to the paper. On this basis the authors have produced a properly comparative paper demonstrating how the legal provisions surrounding insolvency changed markedly over the period, yet differed significantly among countries, for example on who had the right to initiate

Prizes awarded at the #BHC2021online

Please join me in congratulating the winner of the Herman E. Krooss Prize for Best Dissertation in Business History; Dylan Gottlieb (Princeton University), for his 2020 dissertation, “Yuppies: Young Urban Professionals and the Making of Postindustrial New York.”

Prizes awarded at the #BHC2021online

Please join me in congratulating the winners and finalists of the Hagley Prize; Hagley Prize The prize is awarded jointly by the Hagley Museum and Library and the Business History Conference to the best book in business history (broadly defined). 2021 Recipients ·         Marcia Chatelain, Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black America (WW Norton: 2019). ·         Ben Marsh, Unravelled Dreams: Silk and the Atlantic World, 1500–1840 (Cambridge: 2020). 2021 Finalists (in alphabetical order) ·         Marcia Chatelain, Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black America (WW Norton: 2019). ·         Jennifer Delton, The Industrialists: How the National Association of Manufacturers Shaped American Capitalism (Princeton: 2020). ·         Jan de Vries, The Price of Bread: Regulating the Market in the Dutch Republic (Cambridge: 2019). ·         Zachary Dorner, Merchants of Medicine: The Commerce and Coercion of Health in Britain’s Long Eighteenth Century (Chicago: 2020). ·         Paige Glotzer, How

Call for Papers: #BHC2022MexicoCity

Business History in Times of Disruption: Embracing Complexity and Diversity Annual Meeting of the Business History Conference Sheraton Mexico City María Isabel Hotel Ciudad de México, México April 7-9, 2022 [ bookmark the CFP ] The Covid-19 crisis arrived with little warning, disrupting global business and trade. Industries as different as tourism, retail, and manufacturing were plunged into disarray by travel restrictions, broken supply chains, and quarantines. The pandemic also underscored the growing dangers posed by economic inequality and environmental degradation, hinting at a more tumultuous future. We have, it seems, entered into a new age of uncertainty. Informed by these developments, the 2022 Business History Conference will explore the diverse ways that entrepreneurs, firms, and organizations coped with complexity, uncertainty, and disruption over the long run. The Program Committee welcomes individual papers and session proposals that explore this theme. Submissions can a

Webinar by the eabh

Your Archive is an Asset!  Using your heritage as a corporate strategic asset  24 March 2021 12.00 - 13.00 CET eabh zoom meeting eabh in conversation (on zoom) with Anders Sjöman (Centre for Business History in Stockholm) Discover how to convince your institution that it should keep its historic materials in a professional archive – and also set aside budgets for it. Register now to ensure your slot:    More details available at:   

Call for Papers-Special Issue, Business History "Business and Finance in Latin America: From the Oil Shock to the Debt Crisis"

Call for Papers-Special Issue, Business History "Business and Finance in Latin America: From the Oil Shock to the Debt Crisis" Since the 2008-9 financial crisis, Latin America has experienced a period of sluggish economic activity and increasing levels of external debt. In a world of low interest rates, the liquidity injected into the US and European banking systems flew over into Latin American economies as global demand dropped and commodities prices crashed downwards. The boom of private and public indebtedness over the past decade has increased the economic and financial vulnerabilities of a region that has historically been dependent on international trade and exposed to external shocks such as the current pandemic. In a context where governments have stepped in to offset the impact of the coronavirus crisis, debt levels are now approaching the peak seen during the international debt crisis of the 1980s, raising fears amongst policymakers and business leaders of new defa

#BHC2021online Program -- Mark your calendars!

Register to attend the event   See the #BHC2021online program Thursday, March 11th Roundtables, 10:00am - 11:00am An International Collaboration of Business Historians: Female Entrepreneurs in the Long Nineteenth-Century, A Global Approach British Entrepreneurship From Glass-Steagall to the Volcker Rule: Examining the Regulatory Regimes in the Changing US Banking Industry Making Sense of Digital Sources Online Showcases, 11:00am - 7:00pm Opening Social Networking Event, 11:15am - 1:00pm Concurrent Sessions 1, 1:30pm - 2:45pm Session a: Labor Control as Management Strategy Session b: Black Consumers, Black Entrepreneurs, and Economic Justice in the Twentieth-Century United States Session c: Branding and Image-Building in the United States, c.1830-1910 Concurrent Sessions 2, 3:00pm - 4:15pm Session a: Las Empresas de la Europa Mediterránea y de Iberoamérica en el Siglo XX. Lecciones de la Historia Empre