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CFP: “Spinoffs of Mobility” T2M Conference

The International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility (T²M) invites proposals for papers to be presented at its 12th International Conference, to be held at Drexel University in Philadelphia on September 18-21, 2014, co-sponsored in association with Drexel's Center for Mobilities Research and Policy and Center for Science, Technology and Society , and the Pan-American Mobilities Network . Papers may address any social, cultural, economic, technological, ecological, and political perspectives on the history, present, and future of transport, traffic and mobility. However, preference will be given to those pertinent to the conference theme: "Spinoffs of Mobility: Technology, Risk & Innovation." The call for papers states: Societal transformations and especially times of crisis have often led to pivotal changes and spinoffs in regard to mobility systems, technologies, regulations, and practices. We are interested in the history and the

Deadline Approaching: PEAES Fellowships

The Library Company of Philadelphia’s Program in Early American Economy and Society (PEAES) sponsors three types of fellowship awards; the application period for two of these ends in March for 2014-2015 fellowships. These research fellowships are designed to promote scholarship in early American economy and society, broadly defined, from its colonial beginnings to the 1850s. Possible research topics include Atlantic and global connections of the American economy; its commerce, business, technology, manufacturing, agriculture, internal development, or political economy; the history of race and the economy, capitalism, households, or gendered economies. All fellows are expected to be resident researchers in Philadelphia for the duration of awards.      Applicants for the dissertation fellowships may submit proposals based not only on the extensive collections at the Library Company, but also on the printed and manuscript materials of other institutions in the Philadelph

CFP: “Exploring the Crossroads of Environmental and Business History”

The Center for the History of Business, Technology, and Society at the Hagley Museum and Library and the German Historical Institute will sponsor a conference on the topic "Green Capitalism? Exploring the Crossroads of Environmental and Business History." It will be held October 30-31, 2014, at Hagley.  The conveners are Adam Rome (University of Delaware), Yda Schreuder (University of Delaware), Hartmut Berghoff (GHI), Erik Rau (Hagley Museum and Library), and Roger Horowitz (Hagley Museum and Library). According to the organizers, This conference hopes to point to fresh opportunities for joining the insights of environmental and business history. We are especially interested in providing historical perspectives on a question of obvious relevance today: Can capitalism be green—or at least greener? Our title—"Green Capitalism?"—is admittedly drawn from contemporary discourse. But we are convinced that history can provide invaluable insights into the complex an

CFP: “Histories of American Capitalism”

The Cornell Conference on the Histories of American Capitalism will take place at Cornell University on November 6-8, 2014. The organizers invite panels and individual papers that seek to make connections between the diverse historiographic subfields of the last several decades and the recent interest in the history of capitalism. Suggested thematic clusters: Gender and Sexuality Built and Natural Environments Race and Ethnicity Intellectual and Cultural History State, Migration, and Citizenship The organizers are also open to panels in other subfields. Submission is open to scholars at any stage of their careers. Submissions should include a 500-word description and c.v. for each paper proposal. Questions and submissions should be addressed to Jefferson Cowie ( ). The deadline for proposals is March 1, 2014 . Keynote and plenary speakers include Orlando Patterson, Harvard University; Guy Standing, University of London; Nancy Fraser, New School; Peniel Joseph

CFP: BAM History Track 2014

The call is now open for papers for the 2014 British Academy of Management (BAM) conference, which will be held at the University of Ulster Business School on the Belfast waterfront on September 9-11, 2014. The theme of the meeting will be "The Role of the Business School in Supporting Economic and Social Development." Track chair Kevin Tennent has again sent out a call for submissions for the Management and Business History Track . Proposals for full papers (6-8,000 words), developmental papers (1-2,000 words), and workshop events are all welcome. Here is an excerpt from the specific call for "Management and Business History": This track aims to encourage the growing number of management and business historians who work in business schools and social science departments to engage in constructive debate with other social scientists. In relation to the 2014 conference theme we draw attention to the potential for the wider impact of business and management history

CFP Deadline Extended: EABH 2014 Meeting

The 18th Annual Congress of the European Business History Association (EBHA) will be held in Utrecht on August 21-23, 2014 . The theme of the meeting will be "Comparative Business History: Contrasting Regions, Sectors, and Centuries." The deadline for submitting paper and session proposals, as well as the deadline for submitting a dissertation for the dissertation prize, has been extended to February 15, 2014 . The original call for papers can be found here . More information about the congress can be found on the EBHA meeting website .  Questions should be directed to Congress secretary Winny Bierman: .

Workshop: Canadian Business and Environmental History

The Rotman School of Management in Toronto will be hosting a workshop on Canadian business and environmental history on May 22-23, 2014, organized by Andrew Smith and  Jessica van Horssen . Funding has been provided by NiCHE (Network in Canadian History and Environment), the Wilson Institute for Canadian History , and  L.R. Wilson/R.J. Currie Chair in Canadian Business History. According to the organizers: In 1999, Christine Rosen and Christopher Sellers called for the integration of business history and environmental history. . . . Since 1999, historians of other countries have made substantial progress in integrating business and environmental history. . . . In recent years, several works on business and the environment in Canadian history have appeared. . . . However, it is still true to say that historians of Canada have yet to fully undertake research that bridges business and environmental history. Our workshop and the resulting edited collection will be a contribution

Call for Abstracts: New Frontiers in African Economic History Workshop

The 9th New Frontiers in African Economic History Workshop will take place on October 24-25, 2014, at the London School of Economics and Political Science. The theme for the meeting will be "African Economic Development over the Long Run." The organizers explain: Recent efforts to link current development outcomes with historical events such as colonialism and the slave trade have been criticized for ignoring the dynamics of long periods of Africa’s past. In response to this criticism, a growing body of research has endeavored to track African economic performance over time using measures such as historical national accounts and real wages. At the same time, work focusing on the development of African institutions has studied instances of continuity and change at critical periods of transition, including the beginning and end of the colonial period.  Papers are invited that address the question of African economic performance in the long run, either through new methods

World Business History Congress Program Available

A World Business History Congress will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, on March 17, 2014.  The event is conceived as a first step toward a larger World Business History meeting to take place in Bergen, Norway, in June 2016. The organizing committee for the Frankfurt meeting consists of Takeshi Abe (president, Business History Society of Japan); Andrew Godley (Business History Conference representative); Carlos Davila (Universidade de los Andes, Colombia); Andrea Schneider (Gesellschaft für Unternehmensgeschichte, Germany); Harm Schröter (president, European Business History Association); and Grietjie Verhoef (president, International Economic History Association). The full program has now been posted, as well as a summary of the overall schedule .    For lodging and registration information, please consult the meeting website .

CFP: Economics Network of SSHA

The Economics Network of the Social Science History Association calls for papers for the 2014 SSHA conference, which will be held in Toronto, Ontario, on November 6-9, 2014 . The conference theme is "Inequalities:  Politics, Policy, and the Past." SSHA draws submissions of papers and panels through networks organized by topic or field. The Economics Network representatives are          Mark Geiger < >          Matt Jaremski < >          Peter Meyer < >          Evan Roberts < > Submissions of economics-related papers or (preferably) full panels are due by February 14, 2014 . Organizers are also interested in hearing from volunteer chairs or discussants. The Economics Network meeting at the November 2013 meetings generated numerous ideas for panel sessions, including: ·         Approx. 100 years since the Federal Reserve Act and World War I ·         150 years sinc

Hagley Puts Issues of Sewing Machine Trade Journal On-Line

Hagley Museum and Library has added a significant collection of sewing machine trade journals to its Digital Archives . Seventeen volumes of the Sewing Machine Times , spanning the years 1891 to 1911, have been digitized and uploaded. As the curators explain: This period represents a robust time in the sewing machine industry and the journals offer a window into the work done by manufacturers, salesmen, and related experts during that time. The journal was published bi-weekly and the articles offer news about production, patent work, and innovations in the sewing machine trade when changes were fast and furious due to the competitive nature of the companies producing machines and the high demand for sewing products. In addition, the journals provide historians a look into how people marketed and sold machines, and how those who were buying the machines interacted with them. The multitude of information in each issue truly represents the scope and impact American-made sewing machi