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The Exchange has moved to the BHC's website

  Dear members subscribers of The Exchange   The Exchange, the weblog of the BHC, is now part of our website ( ). We migrated the blog to serve our membership and interested parties best since Blogger is discontinuing its email service.   Note that this will be the last message we will send from Blogger .   The Exchange was founded by Pat Denault over a decade ago, and it has become an essential channel for announcements from and about the BHC and from our subscribers and members. Announcements from The Exchange will come up on the News section of our website as they did before. However, if you wish to receive these announcements via email, and you have not done so yet, please subscribe to The Exchange by: Going to our website's homepage ( ), s crolling down to the end of the page, and clicking on "Subscribe to the Latest BHC News." Or go to the “News” section of our website's homepage ( ),   and click on “The

The Exchange is changing platforms! Please read to continue receiving our messages [working links]

  Dear subscribers to The Exchange: I am happy to announce that our blog is moving platforms. For almost a decade, the Business History Conference has used Blogger to publish and archive posts. However, in early 2021, the blogging site announced that their email serving service would be terminated. In addition, we noticed that many of our subscribers had stopped receiving the blog’s emails, and our subscription provides very limited reporting. In agreement, the Electronic Media Oversight Committee , web administrator Shane Hamilton, and web editor Paula de la Cruz-Fernández decided to move our web blog from Blogger to our website . We now write to you to request that if you wish to continue receiving announcements from the BHC, please subscribe here:   Interested people will be asked to log into their BHC’s account or open one, free. If you have questions, please email The Business History Conference <web-admin [at]>  Through The

Virtual Talk by Carlos Marichal (El Colegio de México)

  Virtual Talk, “The Emergence of Banks in Latin America, 1850-1873: Was There a Financial Revolution or Something Else?” by Carlos Marichal (El Colegio de México)  On Monday, June 28, 2021, at 11 am EST, Carlos Marichal (El Colegio de México) will give the second keynote talk of the Financial History Network, with the paper “The Emergence of Banks in Latin America, 1850-1873: Was There a Financial Revolution or Something Else?.” You can register for the session  here .  The   abstract is on the  website  and below: We offer a pioneering and general overview of how banks first developed in various important Latin American nations in the mid-19 th  century with emphasis on the larger domestic banks, which forged close ties with local governments.  This interpretation runs counter to the traditional views on the origins of banking in this region, the most common misconception being that in this era British banks dominated Latin American finances and faced little competition from domesti

Call for BHC/AHA Roundtable 2022

  Call for BHC/AHA Roundtable 2022 Deadline July 15th As an affiliate group, the Business History Conference has the opportunity to create a roundtable for the AHA conference in 2022 outside of the normal proposal system. Next year, the AHA will be held in New Orleans, January 6-9, 2022 . The AHA does not allow virtual presentations so participants have to attend in-person. Please note: BHC members already planning to attend the AHA (and who may have a paper accepted), “can present on two panels in two different roles at the meeting,” according to AHA rules for affiliated societies. We invite BHC members to submit a roundtable proposal (250-word abstract + 2-page CV) on a business history topic.  The deadline for our consideration is July 15th .  Please email your submissions to Susie Pak, .  We will review submissions quickly and thank you for your understanding.  BHC Liaison Committee : Susie Pak, Kari Zimmerman, and Susan Spellman.

Hagley's Fall Conference 2021 Announcement

*Reach Out and Touch Someone: * *A Conference on Commercial Intimacy and Personalization* Thursday and Friday, November 4 and 5, 2021 Center for the History of Business, Technology, and Society Hagley Library, Wilmington, Delaware In today’s wired world, marketers have heralded their ability to use apps, social media, and other online spaces to forge relationships with consumers that feel truly personal. Such claims, however, are not new. Marketplace transactions have long been mediated by forms of commercial intimacy that blur the line between the putatively public, rational world of commerce and the private, emotional realm of personal relations. From the warm handshake to the sentiment-laden ad campaign, business interests of all sorts – producers, service providers, distributors, retailers and others – have found ways to soften the profit motive’s harder edges by enveloping it with an aura of affinity. Over time, these tools of “goodwill” became even more crucial as markets expan

Virtual conference CFP: V Congreso Peruano de Historia Económica

  La Asociación Peruana de Historia Económica (APHE) convoca al V Congreso Peruano de Historia Económica 2021 . Debido a la emergencia sanitaria internacional generada por el COVID-19, el congreso se desarrollará en su totalidad de forma virtual.  Esta edición del Congreso está dedicada a los aspectos económicos de la Independencia del Perú. Sin embargo, se contempla también la organización de mesas y ponencias de otras temáticas en historia económica en regiones de América Latina y el Caribe.  Invitamos a los investigadores a presentar propuestas de ponencias. La fecha límite para la recepción será el 9 de julio del 2021. La propuesta de ponencia debe estar compuesta por:  1.Nombre y filiación académica  2.Título y Sumilla de la ponencia  3.Título del Simposio al que envía su ponencia (ver Anexo 1 de la convocatoria) Adjuntamos convocatoria. d/1uv_ uTNYTytbwbEQhHJL1NXXTxgaooX5i/ view?usp=drivesdk Las propuestas de ponencias deben s

Virtual seminar: Easy Monetary Policy. Cure or Curse?

eabh virtual seminar Easy Monetary Policy. Cure or Curse? Can looking back at historical precedents help to better understand where we are headed?  22 June 2021 12.00 - 13.00 CET eabh in cooperation with Allianz Global Investors   Harold James (Princeton) and Eric Barthalon (Allianz SE) will take a long-term perspective on easy monetary policies and their implications. Post Great Financial Crisis, major central banks have cut rates to, or below zero and have provided unprecedented amounts of liquidity to the system ever since. After first steps to normalise monetary policy, we have seen a renewed round of monetary easing in 2019. Further, Covid restrictions and lockdowns in 2020 and 2021 brought back discussions about helicopter money and direct credit to the banking sector. Can looking back at historical precedents help to better understand where we are headed? For more information, click here ; to register, click here .

#BHC2022MexicoCity Workshop: Empresariado en América Latina en Perspectiva Histórica y Global

Segundo Taller Empresariado en América Latina en Perspectiva Histórica y Global En víspera de la reunión anual 2022 de la Business History Conference   Historia empresarial en tiempos de incertidumbre: acogiendo la complejidad y la diversidad   7 de abril de 2022 Hotel María Isabel Sheraton, México Instituciones co-organizadoras Business History Conference y la Asociación Mexicana de Historia Económica, A. C. Llamado a presentación de resúmenes El día previo al inicio de la Business History Conference (BHC) 2022 se llevará a cabo el Segundo Taller Empresariado en América Latina en Perspectiva Histórica y Global. Esta es una invitación para aquellxs investigadorxs que prefieran presentar resultados de investigación en idioma español o portugués y deseen aprovechar la reunión anual de la BHC para entablar conversaciones con investigadores internacionales especializados en las temáticas que trabajan. No hay temas predefinidos en e

Job opportunity: Barrington Stage Company (BSC)

  Barrington Stage Company (BSC) is seeking an Archivist to join our Artistic team . Duties: Acquire, process, arrange, and describe all records of archival merit as are appropriate for the June M. Guertin Archives at Barrington Stage Company. Develop, implement, and oversee policies for all archival operations. Conduct on-demand digitization and manage larger digitization projects. Identify materials in the collections that are priorities for digitization. Respond to all internal and external reference requests in a timely manner. Provide accurate, thorough information to requestors. Conduct oral history interviews with key members of Barrington Stage Company’s history as determined by the Archivist and the Artistic Director. Skills: Familiarity with archival collections including physical and digital records, and experience handling and preserving archival materials. Demonstrated knowledge of archival best practices, preservation standards, and descriptive standards

The Washington Post article by #businesshistorians

  Dr. Ashton Merk and Dr. Victoria Plutshack published " Biden’s infrastructure success depends on implementation, not just ideas . A New Deal era program reminds us that the people who enact policies also shape them " in the Made by History section of The Washington Post.  

Starts tomorrow: V Jornadas de la Asociación Mexicana de Historia Económica (AMHE)

June 7-11, 2021 V Jornadas de la Asociación Mexicana de Historia Económica (AMHE)  

Next Wednesday 6/9: 'Empresas en el siglo XIX: dos casos de Iberoamérica'

  Próximo miércoles 9 de junio les esperamos en el panel 'Empresas en el siglo XIX: dos casos de iberoamérica'. Pastor Deuer (Universidad Mayor de San Andrés) presentará ' Resabios coloniales en la minería argentífera latinoamericana. Caso: Bolivia entre 1825 y 1870 ' y Francisco Parejo (Universidad de Extremadura) hablará sobre ' Crecimiento, liderazgo y desaparición: La empresa familiar Reynolds en el negocio mundial corchero, 1820-1891 '. Modera: Adoración Álvaro @CUNEF. Más información e inscripciones: Coordinadores: Julio Cesar Zuluaga, Norma Silvana Lanciotti y Gabriela Recio

Virtual event: Risk and Uncertainty in the Premodern World

  The next seminar of the Institute of Historical Research's Partnership seminar series "Risk and Uncertainty in the Premodern World" will run online on Thursday 17 June, 17:00-19:00 London time . We are delighted to be hosting Daniel Bogart, Marco Del Angel and Lewis Wade for a seminar on “Risk and Uncertainty in Capital Markets”. Daniel Bogart is Professor of Economics at UC Irvine and Co-Editor of the Journal of Economic History. Marco Del Angel is Assistant Professor of Economics at California State University at Los Angeles. Lewis Wade is a PhD student at the University of Exeter. Daniel Bogart (UC Irvine) and Marco Del Angel (California State University Los Angeles): Policy Uncertainty and Capital Markets: Evidence from the English East India Company Lewis Wade (Exeter): Lloyd’s of Paris? Colbertianism, the Royal Insurance Chamber and the Parisian Capital Market, 1668-86 All are welcome, but registration will be necessary in advance through the Institute of Historic

OAH 2022 hybrid conference: Call for presenters for a business history panel

OAH 2022 hybrid conference: Call for presenters for a business history panel  As an affiliate group, the Business History Conference has the opportunity to create a panel for the OAH conference in 2022 outside of the normal proposal system. Held in Boston, March 31-April 3, the conference will be a hybrid event with the option to present in person or in a digital session. Participants will need to choose one or the other format. We invite BHC members who did not submit a proposal through the regular process to submit a paper proposal (250-word abstract + 2-page CV) on a business history topic related to one or more of this year’s conference themes, which include Indigenous peoples, economic dislocation, and racial inequality. Please see the attached file for the OAH 2022 CFP. The deadline for our consideration is June 11. Please email your submissions to Lisa Jacobson . We will review submissions quickly to determine if they are a fit for this BHC panel.  Best, Lisa

Invitation to join a SHARP working group

Dear BHC members, Prof. Dr. Corinna Norrick-Rühl and I would like to invite interested BHC members to join a working group on "the business of books" as a late follow-up to conversations at the 2019 meeting of the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing (SHARP).  You need not be a SHARP member to participate, so we hoped this would be of interest to some members of this organization as well.  Hosted primarily on Slack, we hope to assemble a collaborative community that cuts across periods, geographies, and topics but that shares a common interest in the literary marketplace and the economics of publishing, authorship, bookselling, and reading.  Anyone who is interested in thinking and learning about economic frameworks and the book trade can join. We anticipate 3-4 meetings/events per year, to include: Works-in-progress talks with a pre-circulated working paper Discussion groups, perhaps a "book club" format for book historical scholarly works

Book event: Big Business and Dictatorships in Latin America A Transnational History of Profits and Repression

  Big Business and Dictatorships in Latin America A Transnational History of Profits and Repression by Basualdo, Victoria, Berghoff, Hartmut, Bucheli, Marcelo (Eds.) Book presentation event on Thursday May 27 at the 3º Encontro Internacional – REDE DE PROCESSOS REPRESSIVOS, EMPRESAS, TRABALHADORAS/ES E SINDICATOS NA AMÉRICA LATINA

Call for panelist for #BHC2022MexicoCity

We are looking for an additional member to form a panel on twentieth-century regulation/consumer safety, especially in a medical context (US or non-US), for the 2022 BHC. We are especially interested in work that explores interactions between state and private interests in the form of regulation or public-private partnership. Currently, one presenter (a doctoral student at the University of Maryland) will present a paper on medical device regulation in the late twentieth century US – highlighting the agency of regulators and the impact of industry dynamics on regulatory action. The other panel member (a doctoral candidate at Johns Hopkins University) will present on the history of domestic accidents, including midcentury efforts to “sell” safety to American corporations and households. If you are interested in joining this panel, please contact me (Brice Bowrey) at .  

CFP: The Newberry Seminar in the History of Capitalism

History of Capitalism Seminar  2021-2022 CALL FOR PROPOSALS Submission Deadline: Friday, June 4, 2021 This seminar is a forum for works-in-progress in the history of capitalism, broadly defined. We seek proposals from junior, mid-career, and senior scholars as well as graduate students from a wide variety of sub-fields, including the history of race & racism, gender and feminist studies, intellectual history, political history, legal history, business history, the history of finance, labor history, cultural history, urban history, and agricultural history to name just a few. This seminar has and continues to welcome scholars working on a range of time periods and geographic areas, including global histories of commodities, like oil.   This seminar will be virtual and open to graduate students, independent scholars, and faculty. To maximize time for discussion papers are circulated electronically in advance. Priority is given to individuals at a stage in their research at which they

Virtual seminar: ‘The History of the Corporation’

The Yale Law School and CGCG are presenting a virtual workshop on ‘The History of the Corporation’ on 10 June 2021, beginning at 9:00 EDT.   The program follows.  All are welcome to register for the event by visiting the following website:    Introduction Naomi Lamoreaux (Yale University) Henry Hansmann (Yale Law School and ECGI) Shareholder Democracy under Autocracy:  Voting Rights and Corporate Performance in Imperial Russia   Amanda Gregg (Middlebury College), Steven Nafziger (Williams College) Legal Origins of Corporate Governance:  Choice of Company Law in Egypt, 1887-1913 Cihan Artunç (Middlebury College) Legal Transplants and Local Custom in China: The Struggle over Apportioned Liability for External Debt of Partnerships Madeleine Zelin (Columbia University) Corporate Ownership and Control in the Gilded Age Eric Hilt (Wellesley College) Managerial Failure and Corporate Ownership in Edwardian Britain Revisited Michael Aldous (Queen’s University, Belfast),

Deadline approaching: Economic History Association

Annual Meeting of the Economic History Association in Tucson, Arizona, October 29-31, 2021 Approaching Deadline: May 15th! The dissertation session, convened by Martha Olney (University of California, Berkeley) and Steven Nafziger (Williams College) will honor six dissertations completed during the 2020-2021 academic year. The submission deadline is May 15, 2021. The Allan Nevins and Alexander Gerschenkron prizes will be awarded to the best dissertations on North American and non-North American topics respectively. Dissertations must be submitted as a single PDF file. Files of less than 5 MB in size may be sent directly to the conveners as an email attachment. To submit a file over 5 MB, please supply a download link in an email message. The Nevins prize submissions should be sent to: and the Gerschenkron prize submissions to: . All submissions will be acknowledged by return email. The association offers subsidies for travel, hotel, regist

Upcoming events: Business History Collective

    Tuesday 11 th   May -   Twentieth-century Chinese business history (double feature)   -   Register   here Presenters:   Mengxing Yu   (Kyoto University)   and   Ghassan Moazzin   (University of Hong Kong) Chair:   Adam Nix   (De Montfort University) Tuesday 18 th   May -   Department stores and modernization of retail in socialist Yugoslavia, 1950s-1960s   -   Register   here Presenter:   Ivana Mihaela Žimbrek   (Central European University) Chair:   Nicholas Wong   (Northumbria University) Tuesday 25 th   May -   Appreciating the history of business education   -   Register   here Presenter:   JC Spender ( Kozminski University) Chair:   Nicholas Wong   (Northumbria University)

Over the Counter, the Business History Conference newsletter

  OVER THE COUNTER NO.5 9 The Business History Conference April newsletter includes New issues in academic journals Links to recent Interviews and Podcasts A new  MEET THE OFFICERS  interview with Dr. Benjamin Waterhouse #BHC2022 CFP Reach out to the editor  Paula A. de la Cruz-Fernández Help us amplify our audience by connecting with us and sharing this newsletter BHC LinkedIn Page H-Business BHC Twitter BHC blog  The Exchange

Fellowship opportunity: John E. Rovensky Fellowships

The John E. Rovensky Fellowships in U.S. Business or Economic History (2021-2022) See the announcement here:   Apply here: The University of Illinois Foundation announces the 2020-2021 John Rovensky Fellowships.  Two $10,200 fellowships will be awarded for doctoral students writing their dissertations in U.S. business or economic history.  The fellowships are available  largely through the generosity of the late John E. Rovensky and are administered by the University of Illinois Foundation.  Awardees may use the fellowship concurrently with other funding sources, including grants or teaching assignments.  Eligibility Applicants must be working toward a Ph.D. degree with U.S. business or economic history as the area of major interest. Fellowship recipients must be enrolled in a doctoral program at an accredited college or university in the United States. Preference will be given to

A Hagley Virtual Conference: May 7

  AVON: AN INTERNATIONAL FORUM ON ITS ARCHIVE In the 20 years since Avon Products, Inc., deposited its records at Hagley Library they have become one of our most popular research collections. A virtual event on May 7 will bring attention to their contribution to history. Avon Products, Inc., is one of the oldest direct selling companies in America. It traces its origins to 1886, when David H. McConnell bought the Union Publishing Company and started manufacturing perfumes to give away with his books. McConnell discovered that his customers were more interested in the fragrances than the books, so he decided to concentrate on selling perfumes. The business was renamed the California Perfume Company (CPC) in an effort to associate its products with the perceived beauty of the Golden State. From the beginning, CPC sold directly to the consumer through a national network of sales representatives, primarily women, who were looking for economic opportunity and flexible part-time employment.


CALL FOR PAPERS Special Issue of Essays in Economic & Business History (EEBH) THE ECONOMIC AND BUSINESS HISTORY OF BLACK AMERICANS Special Issue Guest Editors : Gary Hoover+ (Tulane University) and Matthew Mitchell‡ (University of the South) EEBH Editors : Mark Billings (University of Exeter) and Dan Giedeman (Grand Valley State University) EEBH, the journal of the Economic and Business History Society (EBHS), will be publishing a special issue on the economic and business history of Black Americans. This subject remains significantly understudied despite its importance in United States history. The primary goal of the special issue is therefore to encourage and bring greater awareness to research concerning Black American economic and business history. It is hoped that the special issue will stimulate continued research in these areas. We invite paper proposals on all aspects related to this subject. The following potential themes are suggested to indicate the breadth of possible

New issue of Over the Counter, the BHC newsletter

  OVER THE COUNTER NO.5 8 The Business History Conference April newsletter includes New issues in academic journals Links to recent Interviews and Podcasts A new  MEET THE OFFICERS  interview with Dr. Laura Phillips Sawyer #BHC2021online Award Ceremony Report Reach out to the editor  Paula A. de la Cruz-Fernández Help us amplify our audience by connecting with us and sharing this newsletter BHC LinkedIn Page H-Business BHC Twitter BHC blog  The Exchange

#BHC2021online Presidential Address

Professor Neil Rollings' (University of Glasgow) Presidential Address   "The Vast and Unsolved Enigma of Power": Business History and Business Power is now in the Business History Conference's YouTube channel:

AHA Virtual Seminar: Business History Today

Virtual AHA Seminar: Business History Today April 13th, 2021 2 pm  Colloquium--An assessment of the doing of business history at the beginning of the 21st century, sketching new trends and themes. Chair:  Philip B. Scranton , Rutgers University-Camden Presenters: Business History, Theory, and Globalization by Kenneth J. Lipartito , Florida International University Rethinking Chinese Economic Life and Business History by Philip Thai , Northeastern University Economic Life and the Margins of Business History by Alexia Yates , University of Manchester Histories of Business in Africa: Lessons from Ghana by Bianca Murillo , California State University, Dominguez Hills

Hybrid conference to take place in Murcia, Spain

The Spanish Association of International Economics and Finance (AEEFI) and the University of Murcia are pleased to announce that the 22nd Conference on International Economic s will take place in Murcia on June 17th and 18th, 2021. The keynote speakers are: Paul De Grauwe   (The London School of Economics and Political Science) Gabriel Pérez-Quirós   (European Central Bank) The conference will have a hybrid format with online sessions and in-person sessions (which will be also accessed remotely through the Zoom platform for those prevented from traveling by COVID-19 or any other cause). All authors who participate in the conference will have the opportunity to submit the papers presented to be considered for publication in the Special Issue of the journal Economics-The Open Access Open-Assessment E-Journal.  Topics: International Trade, International Capital Movements, International Finance, Open Economy Macroeconomics, Migration Flows, International Flows of Services, Trade and Firm B

Call for Papers: #Conference on Indian Business & Economic History

2nd International Conference on Indian Business & Economic History Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad August 24 (Tue), Aug 25 (Wed), Aug 26 (Thu), Aug 27 (Fri), 2021 The 2nd International Conference on Indian Business & Economic History will be hosted online, anchored by IIMA, on August 24-27, 2021. It will be a forum to host research papers, provide a workshop for Ph.D. students, and spark conversations on this subject. The conference will draw in leading scholars working in the field within and outside India. Conference Organizing Committee Chinmay Tumbe (IIM-Ahmedabad, India) Tirthankar Roy (London School of Economics & Political Science) Medha Kudaisya (National University of Singapore) Bishnupriya Gupta (Warwick University) Chikayoshi Nomura (Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo) Conference Timeline Submission Deadline : April 30, 2021 Notification to selected students and speakers by May 10, 2021 Conference Dates : August 24 (PhD Student Workshop), August 25, 26, 27

History of Capitalism Summer Camp

Cornell University History of Capitalism Summer Camp The application deadline is May 1, 2021. The form to submit your application is available here .