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Dear BHC members and subscribers of The Exchange: Share this post with colleagues and scholars that might be interested in subscribing to The Exchange. The Exchange is the Business History Conference Blog , an almost 10 years old publication, that seeks to serve as a network platform for business historians and other scholars interested in business history and economic history. The Exchange keeps scholars informed about announcements and achievements in these fields. It is easy to subscribe! Click here to access the blog through the BHC website, or here to access the blog directly. Once in The Exchange home page , enter your preferred email address in the Subscribe via email box on the right side column. This feed will allow The Exchange to send you notifications of our posts directly to your email. Also, whether you subscribe or not, do not hesitate to email the editor if you wish announcements, new books, or news be posted on The Exchange. Thank you!

New job opening: Archives Coordinator, Estée Lauder

This is a temporary position at the Estée Lauder Company Archives in New York City, NY. The deadline to apply is coming up: March 4th . For more information or to send your applications, email  Adrianna Slaughter at The coordinator of archives will: • Work closely with permanent staff to complete organizing, cataloging, and preserving the MAC Cosmetics Archives. • Catalog and rehouse new accessions from all ELC brands, including products and packaging, printed matter, A/V, digital media, and memorabilia that document the consumer experience and corporate culture. • Provide support to other archival projects and routine office work as opportunities arise • Participate in staff meetings to report on progress and to establish new ideas that benefit the department This link contains further information about the required skills of the coordinator of archives.

CfP for workshop "Minting History," and conference "The Development of Financial Markets" of the European Association for Banking and Financial History

Send your proposals to participate in two events of the European Association of Banking and Financial History : Conference  The Development of Financial Markets    Call for Papers: March 11th. Conference: June 20th. & Workshop Minting History Call for Papers: March 11th. Workshop: June 21st. Both events will take place in St. Petersburg, Russia, and in cooperation with the Bank of Russia. The organizers of the conference The Development of Financial Markets are interested in presentations that study some of the following topics: • Primary as well as secondary financial markets: the history of stock exchanges, capital markets and securities markets • The role of central banks • Sovereign Risk • Financial Innovation & Regulation • (Institutional) Investors • Bubbles & Busts The conference will be a one-day event and attendees are expected to submit their presentations in advance, by May 21st, 2019. The CfP includes more details about the conference and

CfP -- Colloquium on Latin American Debt Crisis of 1982

Colloquium Latin American Debt Crisis of 1982 Deadline: March 10, 2019; Colloquium: April 26-27, 2019 By Heraldry - Own work,This  W3C-unspecified vector image was created with Inkscape., CC BY-SA 3.0, Convenors Rory Miller (University of Liverpool), Martin Monsalve Zanatti (Universidad del Pacífico, Lima), Sebastian Alvarez (St. Hilda’s College, Oxford University), and C. Edoardo Altamura – Graduate Institute, Geneva and Lund University), accept proposals for the Colloquium on Latin American Debt Crisis of 1982 to be celebrated next April 26-27 at the University of Oxford--St. Hilda’s College/Latin American Centre/Global History of Capitalism Project.  From the organizers announcement: "The purpose of this colloquium is to bring together several groups of people to interchange ideas about the financial and business history of Latin America in the 1970s and 1980s in retrospect, taking advantage of the fact th

#BHCCartagena Program

Review the official program of the current meeting . The conference starts on March 14th with the Dissertation Colloquium and has eight concurrent sessions with scholars from all over the world on Friday and Saturday, March 15-16. The conference will be over after the Gala and Awards Ceremony on Saturday evening. While at the conference, share your thoughts and experience by tweeting to @theBHCnews or using the hashtag #BHCcartagena View of the Port of Cartagena, 1903. By Caula y Cornejo, Antonio. Source:

Reminder: CfA EHA prizes and grants

The  Economic History Association  Arthur H. Cole Grant  awards $5,000 to scholars who hold a Ph.D. to conduct research in economic history. Note that "Preference is given to recent Ph.D. recipients." Questions should be sent to Professor Angela Vossmeyer, chair of the Committee on Research in Economic History ( ). The deadline to send applications is  March 1st.  This is also the deadline for the EHA prizes:   Gyorgy Ranki Biennial Prize  ($1,200 for an outstanding book in European economic history),   and the  Lindert-Williamson Triennial Prize  ($1,200   for an outstanding book in Global, African, Asian, Australian, and/or South American Economic History).

Re-posting [deadline postponed to March 5th]: Call for proposals to attend the International Congress of French Business History

International Congress of French Business History Deadline of the CfP:  February 18th; Conference:   September 11-13 The annual meeting of the  International Congress of French Business History  will be next September 11-13, in Paris, France. The CfP is open (the English version may be accessed  here ) until  March 5th.  The three main topics of the conference will be: The role of business--both French and foreign--in the emergence of a form of French-style capitalism, French companies confronted with the challenges of globalisation and modernity, and Writing business history in France today.

More for Pat Denault [updated]

The following messages were received to further tribute the work of Pat Denault: A message from JoAnne Yates , Pat, you have been an integral part of BHC for as long as I can remember. I started attending BHC in the early- to mid-1980s, and you were always part of my good memories of the organization. You have always played a key role in the backstage, keeping the meetings and between-meeting communication flowing. When we moved to electronic communication and the Web as a base for information and communication, you mastered that technology to become, in your final official position at BHC, the editor for The Exchange. But always, you have performed many unofficial functions for BHC, as well. You have been the master of what social scientists call “articulation work,” all the invisible, connecting work in the interstices between visible structures and processes, without which the organization and its processes could not function. Only when you leave will some of this articulation

Approaching deadlines in March 2019 [grants, prizes, conferences]

1. Arthur H. Cole Grants.   Deadline: March 1;  Awards announced by March 22, 2019. 2. Gyorgy Ranki Biennial Prize Deadline: March 1;  3. Lindert-Williamson Triennial Prize. Deadline: March 1;  4. The Library of Philadelphia fellowships. Deadline: March 1st;  5 . VIII  Congresso de História Ferroviária/ VIII Congreso de Historia Ferroviaria Deadline: March 3; Conference: date not announced, in Lisbon, Portugal. 6 . Second Economic History workshop of the  Associazione per la Storia Economica Deadline: March 15th; Conference: June 7-8, 2019.   7. Hagley research grants: Exploratory and Henry Belin du Pont research grants Deadline: March 31st; The Economic History Association Arthur H. Cole Grant awards $5,000 to scholars who hold a Ph.D. to conduct research in economic history. Note that "Preference is given to recent Ph.D. recipients." Questions should be sent to Professor Angela Vossmeyer, chair of the Committee on Research in Economic History (angela.vossmey

PhD scholarships at the Department of Business and Economics, University of Southern Denmark

The University of Southern Denmark Department of Business and Economics invites students to apply to the Ph.D. program  that focuses on four areas of study:  Accounting; Finance; Microeconomics and Management Science and Econometrics and Economic History. Deadline is March 1st .  This tool must be used to upload your application, which should include:  Detailed CV,  certified copy of your master’s degree certificate including all examination results, a pplication form, a  project description (max 5 pages of 2400 characters each, including spaces, notes, appendices, bibliography etc.), and a n abstract for the above project description of no more than 250 words.  Note that all non-Danish documents must be translated into English and that the project must be aligned with the research of a faculty member.   More information can be found here , and also by contacting  Paul Sharp ( ),

Deadline approaching: 2019 CBHA/ACHA Best Book in Canadian Business History Award

The deadline to submit nominations is February 28th . The CBHA/ACHA , Canada’s leading organization for the study of business in Canada, offers a bi-annual prize for the Best Book in Canadian Business History , broadly defined. The prize committee encourages the submission of books from all methodological perspectives. It is particularly interested in innovative studies that have the potential to expand the boundaries of the discipline. Scholars, publishers, and other interested parties may submit nominations. Eligible books can have either a Canadian or an international focus, which includes a Canadian perspective. They must be written in English or French and be published during the two years prior to the award, that is, in 2017 and 2018. Thanks to the generous donation of an anonymous donor, the award includes a prize of $10,000. For more information, contact CBHA Prize Coordinator, Professor Dimitry Anastaki (

Web Exhibits [2 items]

The Mobility in History Blog published its latest online exhibit People-Works: The Labor of Transport showcasing scholarly writings on topics related to the labor involved in transport such as safety regulations, the maintenance of street pavement, transportation in Ghana, and Chinese sailors. Some of the authors contributing to the online exhibit, which also contains great digital images from a variety of archives around the world, are   Kate McDonald,  Lee Vinsel,  Robin B. Williams,  Roger Turner, and  Martina Hacke.  The  Noteworthy Women exhibit  explores the role of women in banknote production in England where women participated in the design and production of banknotes since the early nineteenth century. The collection also tells the story behind the female portraits that have appeared in banknotes since 1975.  Images retrieved from

BHC Twitterdex

The BHC website now includes a Twitterdex < >. BHC members and registered users can update their profiles to include a Twitter handle at < >. For help on updating a BHC profile, see < >.

A message from the Editor

Dear Subscribers and Followers of The Exchange, The blog of the Business History Conference is changing hands. As Pat Denault announced, she is stepping down from her 9 years long dedication as the main editor of The Exchange. I have, in the past few months, gradually been taking over Pat’s position, and I am extremely grateful for her help, resources, and training in Blogger. I will make sure that all she did stays by continuing her very popular series “Over the Counter,” “New and Forthcoming Books of Interest,” and “Business Historians in the News.” I am very much looking forward to leading this important resource. And I want to continue to make it as useful for business and economic historians and those interested in the fields as I can. With this goal in mind, and as the new blogger of The Exchange, I want to ask you for your participation. I will be asking for and accepting comments and suggestions on events (CfP, CfA, job openings, new books, reviews, articles) and for new

Pat, Thank You!

A couple of months ago, I began collecting farewell messages from members of the BHC to 9-year blog editor of The Exchange, Pat Denault. Pat, Thank You! We All hope that you will continue reading and being in contact with us, and we all wish you the best for the future. A message from Pamela Laird, Communication is at the heart of any community and, for the same reasons, any organization. Therefore, Pat Denault’s tireless efforts and creativity over decades have contributed immeasurably to the growth and health of the field of business history and, especially, to the Business History Conference. In addition to initiating, creating, and editing the BHC’s website and also its blog, The Exchange, she has over time filled key roles in the Business History Review and the BHC’s proceedings journal, Business and Economic History, with skill and dedication. Despite Pat’s trademark modesty, we all admire and appreciate her work and her generous spirit in doing that work. A message