E&S Announces Annual 5th Issue: Call for Guest Editors for “Histories of Business and Inequality”

The editors of the BHC journal Enterprise & Society have announced a new initiative to expand the content of the journal by publishing an annual 5th issue on a special topic, to be delivered online. According to Andrew Popp, Enterprise & Society editor, the goal of the 5th issue is "to significantly enhance the reach and impact of business history by creating a space in which to explore inter-disciplinary dialogue and address very large scale problems in ways that are beyond the scope of conventional original research articles and typical thematically focused special issues." Here is more from the general announcement on the Cambridge University Press website:
The new fifth issue, which will be published online, will be a special issue unlike most others. Rather than seeking original research articles the aim is to generate bold, ambitious, synthetic articles that will spark debate, inspire future lines of work, and broaden audiences. Each issue will focus either on the potential intersections of business history and another field, both within and beyond history, or on problems of the greatest magnitude. . . .
     The new fifth issue will also differ from most Special Issues in other ways. We will not seek theme proposals. Rather, the editorial team at Enterprise and Society will decide themes. Teams of potential guest editors will then be invited to bid to take each theme forward to publication. Space and support will be given for guest editors to organize a supporting workshop at the Annual Meeting of the Business History Conference, on whose behalf Enterprise and Society is published.
All articles accepted for publication in Special Issues will be subject to the same peer review and editorial processes as articles appearing in the regular print issues. They will also be produced and formatted to identical standards as those in regular print issues.
     The journal has now issued a call for guest editors to oversee the first issue in a new initiative; the topic will be "Histories of Business and Inequality." Expressions of interest from potential editorial teams will be assessed according to both the composition of the editorial team and how they propose to shape and address the chosen theme. Editorial teams must comprise a minimum of two individuals and must be interdisciplinary. Interdisciplinarity is defined as at least one member from beyond the field of business history, broadly defined. Team members may be drawn from the wider field of history or other cognate fields of study. International teams will be viewed favorably, as will teams combining established and emerging scholars. For more details about the theme and the submission and publication processes, please see the full call for papers.
     Proposals, consisting of a description of the proposed editorial team, a document outlining how the theme will be shaped and addressed, and CVs for all team members, should be sent to editor-in-chief Andrew Popp by January 31, 2018, at andrew.popp@liverpool.ac.uk. Enquiries from prospective teams are welcome and can be sent to the same email address.