More Business Historians in the Media

More business historian appearances in the media recently:
  • Benjamin Waterhouse discusses the changing relationships among small business, larger business, and government on Barry Moltz's podcast, "Business Insanity Talk Radio."
  • Christy Ford Chapin discusses her book, Ensuring America's Health, with Russ Roberts at EconTalk. Chapin also has an essay on the blog Dissent, "America's Health Care System Is Even More Broken than You Think." And--just out today--an op-ed in the New York Times on "How Did Health Care Get to be Such a Mess?"
  • Philip Gura discusses "How the Panic of 1837 predicted the Great Recession" on the Marketplace podcast with David Brancaccio.
  • Sharon Ann Murphy discusses her book, Other People's Money, on the Page 99 Test.
  • Richard John writes about the different ways that historians have understood the political role of the business community, as evidenced in the book he co-edited with Kim Phillips-Fein, Capital Gains, on the Penn Press blog.
  • And Kim Phillips-Fein discusses her own recent book, Fear City, on the "Who Makes Cents?" podcast.
  • Discussions with Ed Balleisen on his recent book Fraud have appeared in several places recently: he has published a piece at Zocalo Public Square, “Why Suckering Americans Is a Booming Business"; a New York Times Magazine article on contemporary fraud refers to the book and quotes Balleisen; and he can be seen talking about the book on C-Span here.
  • In The Nation online, Noam Maggor's Brahmin Capitalism is the subject of a lengthy review essay by Eric Foner.
  • Sven Beckert and his book Empire of Cotton are the subjects of an interview (in English) for the journal Recherche di Storia Politica.
  • Eric Hilt has published an extended review essay in the Journal of Economic History, "Economic History, Historical Analysis, and the 'New History of Capitalism'," that covers ten recent books on the theme; the essay is ungated until June 30.