Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Extended Business and Economic History at the OAH 2017

In December, we highlighted the sessions at the upcoming Organization of American Historians (OAH) meeting that were sponsored by the BHC. This post is a follow-up, listing sessions and papers of interest but not BHC-affiliated. [Note: OAH sessions are not numbered or linked, so references are to the page location on the program PDF.]
"Coming to the Table: Agribusiness and Food Systems in the Twentieth Century," p. 51
"State Formation, Capital, and Governance: Managing Urban Inequality, 1880–1980," p. 54
Assessing the Damages to 'Human Capital': Law, Labor, and Affective Bonds in Historical Perspective," p. 54
"Economic Circulations in the Early American Republic," p. 66
"Racism in American Political Economy: A Critical and Historical Assessment," p. 67
"Reconstruction and American Capitalism," p. 72
"Historians of Capitalism and Labor—A Conversation," p. 74
"Bodies, Agents, and Exchange: Legal and Economic Perspectives on the Domestic
Slave Trade," p. 80
"Corruption and the Circulation of Capital in American History," p. 83
In addition to the sessions above, and those listed in our earlier post, there are literally dozens of individual papers--on gender, labor, slavery, or government, for example--that bear a relation to the interests of business and economic historians. The full OAH program can be downloaded as a PDF. Readers might also consult the Speaker Index (pp. 86-91).