Monday, November 7, 2016

Web Resource: H-Net's Book Channel

Readers may not be aware of a relatively new service at H-Net, made possible by the reorganization of the long-standing humanities internet presence into H-Net Commons. The H-Net Book Channel offers a wide variety of information about new books in nearly every humanities field; one user describes it as "a book discovery service." In addition to announcements of new books, the site contains a growing number of short historiographical essays, pieces connecting headlines to deeper academic research, and ideas for ways to incorporate recent publications into introductory and survey courses.
     Though not perfect (a quick check of "Economic History" books, for example, finds many titles that are, at best, peripheral to that field, and titles are duplicated if published in more than one format initially), the site is now importing the catalogues of over a hundred publishers, making it a comprehensive source. Each title is provided with links to its WorldCat and Amazon citations, as well as a jacket image. Those interested can subscribe as with any other H-Net list, and it is also possible to subscribe to individual categories via RSS feed.