Wednesday, November 2, 2016

On-Line Resource: The Way to Wealth Editions

Franklin in London, 1767, painted by David Martin (12/31/1766)
The Knowledge and Library Services Division at Harvard Business School has produced an interesting web project that provides insight into the influence of Benjamin Franklin's 1758 essay, The Way to Wealth. According to the website,
The Way to Wealth Editions project is directed by Professor Sophus A. Reinert (Harvard Business School) and based on a bibliography of Benjamin Franklin's Way to Wealth compiled by Kenneth E. Carpenter. It seeks to provide students and scholars with an array of unique research tools and contextual essays for understanding the influence and impact of Franklin's seminal essay on work ethic and frugality. The site features a searchable, and growing database of 1000+ editions of The Way to Wealth, special full-text editions to analyze and compare, timeline-maps that illustrate the work's publication history and geographic influence, and a series of interactive essays providing researchers with new insights into the work and its author.
Reinart talks about the dissemination and impact of Franklin's essay in “The Way to Wealth around the World: Benjamin Franklin and the Globalization of American Capitalism,” published in the American Historical Review (February 2015), and he discusses the project more briefly in an interview for HBS's "Working Knowledge."