Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Management and Organizational History on "The Historic Turn"

Volume 11 (May 2016) of Management and Organizational History is a special issue entitled "Re-visiting the Historic Turn 10 years later: Current Debates in Management and Organizational History." According to the authors of the introductory essay (Albert J. Mills, Roy Suddaby, William M. Foster, and Gabrielle Durepos),
Central to the first issue of MOH was a renewed call for a ‘historic turn.’ Ten years later, there is some question if the ‘historic turn’ has been fully realized or even adequately conceptualized. Nonetheless, a growing consensus around the need for a historical turn has arguably served to paper over some potentially significant differences and debates. In this special issue, we revisit the idea and progress of the notion of the historic turn in MOS through the eight contributing articles. We frame our discussion of the papers through a focus on the notion of the historic turn itself, the issue of critically rethinking MOS from an historical perspective, new turns and developments, MOH and contemporary thinking about the past and history, the performance of history, polyphonic constitutive historicism, fusions of methods and theoretical framing, and tales from the field.
Access to the full text of the essays requires a personal or institutional subscription, but the abstracts are available on-line. The table of contents and links to the abstracts are available here.