Monday, May 16, 2016

Economic History Review: Women's Committee Virtual Special Issue

Collected to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the first public gathering of the Women's Committee of the Economic History Society (EHS), this special issue (May 2015) of the Economic History Review makes available online articles (or short pieces) by Maxine Berg, Francesca Carnevali, Eleanora Carus-Wilson, Marian Dale, Elizabeth Gilboy, Katrina Honeyman, Pat Hudson, Jane Humphries, Anne Laurence, Elizabeth Levett, Eileen Power, Pam Sharpe, and Joan Thirsk. The Introduction, by Helen Paul, offers an extended discussion of women in the EHS and the profession generally, their writing, and their positions. Most of the essays can be downloaded directly; some require clicking on the "get PDF" button that appears after following the link from the table of contents.
    Interested readers can find more information about the Women's Committee on the EHS website.