Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Books of Interest in Paper: Fall 2015 Edition

A list of recent and forthcoming titles of interest now issued in paperback:
Marie Anchordoguy, Reprogramming Japan: The High Tech Crisis under Communitarian Capitalism (Cornell University Press, September 2015 [2005])

Sven Beckert, Empire of Cotton: A Global History (Random House, November 2015 [2014])

Marcelo Bucheli and R. Daniel Wadhwani, eds., Organizations in Time: History, Theory, Methods (Oxford University Press, May 2015 [2014])

Charles W. Calomiris and Stephen H. Haber, Fragile by Design: The Political Origins of Banking Crises and Scarce Credit (Princeton University Press, August 2015 [2014])

Margaret M. Chin, Sewing Women: Immigrants and the New York City Garment Industry (Columbia University Press, September 2015 [2005])

Oscar Gelderblom, Cities of Commerce: The Institutional Foundations of International Trade in the Low Countries, 1250-1650 (Princeton University Press, December 2015 [2013])

Richard R. John, Network Nation: Inventing American Telecommunications (Harvard University Press, October 2015 [2010])

Geoffrey G. Jones, ed.,  Banks and Money: International Comparative Finance in History (Routledge, October 2015 [1991])

Lars Maischak, German Merchants in the Nineteenth-Century Atlantic (Cambridge University Press, October 2015 [2013])

Scott P. Marler, The Merchants' Capital: New Orleans and the Political Economy of the Nineteenth-Century South (Cambridge University Press, October 2015 [2013])

Larry Neal and Jeffrey G. Williamson, The Cambridge History of Capitalism (2 vols.) (Cambridge University Press, November 2015 [2014])

Roberta J. Newman and Joel Nathan Rosen, Black Baseball, Black Business: Race Enterprise and the Fate of the Segregated Dollar (University Press of Mississippi, July 2015 [2014])

Elizabeth Tandy Shermer, Sunbelt Capitalism: Phoenix and the Transformation of American Politics (University of Pennsylvania Press, September 2015 [2013])

Benjamin C. Waterhouse, Lobbying America: The Politics of Business from Nixon to NAFTA (Princeton University Press, November 2015 [2013])
 Archived lists of "New Books in Paperback" can be found on the BHC website.