Friday, October 30, 2015

New Blog: “Organizational History Network”

Stephanie Decker, Christina Lubinski, and  an Wadhwani have launched a new blog and website, the Organizational History Network. The goal of the project is to bring together people interested in the various organizational history initiatives at the moment, such as the ESRC seminar series (Stephanie Decker with Mick Rowlinson and John Hassard), the CBS Business History Initiative (Mads Mordhorst, Christina Lubinski, and Dan Wadhwani), and the EGOS (European Group for Organizational Studies) stream in MOH (Management and Organization History) (Dan Wadhwani, Stephanie Decker, and Matthias Kipping) and also to serve as a platform for calls for papers and events. As the editors explain,
This page is run by a network of scholars interested in historical approaches to studying organizations. In recent years a number of scholars from around world have hosted seminars, events at conferences, published articles and books and run research projects and networks in this field. This website and blog aims to be a hub on which we can publish our ongoing activities and publications, and exchange ideas and comments, for those involved in the network or for those just curious about this line of research.
The editors invite those who have anything relevant they would like to distribute, or who would be interested in contributing a blog entry (500-2,000 words) to get in touch; contact information is available at the website. Readers can also sign up to receive updates when blog entries are posted.