Monday, August 10, 2015

September Enterprise & Society Is Out

Volume 16, no. 3 of Enterprise & Society, published by the Business History Conference, has just been mailed. The issue ranges widely, both temporally and geographically; the table of contents includes:
Caroline Jack, "Fun and Facts about American Business: Economic Education and Business Propaganda in an Early Cold War Cartoon Series"
Niklas Jensen-Eriksen and Jari Ojala, "Tackling Market Failure or Building a Cartel? Creation of an Investment Regulation System in Finnish Forest Industries"
Martin Eriksson, "A Golden Combination: The Formation of Monetary Policy in Sweden after World War I"
Talia Pfefferman and David De Vries, "Gendering Access to Credit: Business Legitimacy in Mandate Palestine"
Richard Goldthwaite, "The Practice and Culture of Accounting in Renaissance Florence"
Michael Aldous, "Avoiding Negligence and Profusion: The Failure of the Joint-Stock Form in the Anglo-Indian Tea Trade, 1840–1870"
In addition to many book reviews, the issue also contains a review essay by Hannah Farber, "Nobody Panic: The Emerging Worlds of Economics and History in North America," which discusses Jonathan Levy, Freaks of Fortune: The Emerging World of Capitalism and Risk in America (Harvard University Press, 2012) and Jessica M. Lepler, The Many Panics of 1837: People, Politics, and the Creation of a Transatlantic Financial Crisis (Cambridge University Press, 2013).
     Complete access to the issue requires a BHC membership, but abstracts of the articles are open to all.