Friday, August 28, 2015

Christy Chapin Blogs on HNN about U.S. Health Care History

Christy Ford Chapin, assistant professor in the history department at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), has written a blog post for the History News Network (HNN) on the historical roots of current U.S. health care debates. She addresses the topic as the author of Ensuring America's Health: The Public Creation of the Corporate Health Care System (Cambridge University Press, June 2015). Professor Chapin also has written a longer discussion of her book and the history of U.S. health care on the blog, "The Plot: Politics Decoded."
    Her research interests include political, economic, and business history with a focus on the history of capitalism. She is currently a visiting scholar at the Johns Hopkins University, working on a project on the history of capitalism with Louis Galambos and Angus Burgin. Professor Chapin was a member of the Business History Conference's Doctoral Colloquium in 2009; as a graduate student at the University of Virginia she was also awarded a Miller Center for Public Affairs Fellowship and a John E. Rovensky Fellowship in American Business and Economic History.