Friday, August 7, 2015

CFP: Society of Automotive Historians

The Society of Automotive Historians is seeking proposals for papers to be presented at its Eleventh Biennial Automotive History Conference to be held in Cleveland, Ohio, April 14-16, 2016. The conference theme is "Automotive History: Beginnings and New Beginnings." According to the call for papers, the meeting
will focus on the first steps of the nascent motor industry and the later worldwide assimilation of the motor vehicle as a national icon seen in contrast to the revolutionary events of the early twentieth century. Cleveland has been chosen as conference venue because of its important role in the development of the American industry. Papers may address the beginnings of the automotive industry, the role of independent foundries, machine shops and carriage builders enabling the rapid growth of thinly-financed manufacturers followed by the early consolidation of the industry into a small number of major producers and their efforts to secure control of equipment suppliers and set up financial subsidiaries to facilitate sales.
Proposals should include the title of the presentation and names and affiliation of the presenters and a one-page abstract describing the content. Proposals should be submitted to Arthur W. Jones, Conference Chair,, by October 31, 2015. Additional information may be found at the Society's website, (scroll down on home page).
The Society of Automotive Historians is "an interdisciplinary organization devoted to all aspects of automotive history–engineering, design, economics, the lives of automotive pioneers and innovators, the history of motorsport competition, the integration of motor vehicles into modern life, and the culture of cars.  In its publications and conferences, historians of technology, business historians, and social historians interact to share their knowledge and perspectives."