Monday, July 13, 2015

New Collection on Business Regulation Published

Readers interested in the history of business regulation may want to make their libraries aware of the three-volume collection out next month from Edward Elgar Publishing: Business Regulation is edited by Edward J. Balleisen of Duke University. Priced for the institutional market, the set
conveys leading scholarly ideas on modern regulatory governance since 1871. The first two volumes lay out the rationales for and critiques of technocratic governance in industrialized societies. They trace the evolution of regulatory institutions, highlighting the most recent era of globalization, deregulation, privatization and regulatory innovation. The third volume presents influential frameworks for understanding regulatory culture in action, assessing the impacts of regulatory policies, and explaining regulatory change.
The table of contents is available on the Edward Elgar site.
    In addition to his position in the History Department at Duke, Balleisen is vice provost for Interdisciplinary Studies there and is the new director of the BHC's Doctoral Colloquium. He is also the director of the Rethinking Regulation Project, sponsored by Duke's Kenan Institute for Ethics, where he is a senior fellow. This project brings together faculty and graduate students from across the university who are interested in regulatory policy and strategies of regulatory governance.