Monday, July 20, 2015


The 2016 Asia Pacific Economic and Business History (APEBH) Conference will be held in Adelaide, Australia, on February 11-13; it will be hosted by the School of Economics at the University of Adelaide. The theme of the meeting is "Wine, Wheat and Copper? Resource booms and busts: agriculture, mining and the wider economy in historical and comparative perspective." According to the call for papers:
[The] varying importance of agriculture and mining, their booms and busts, is not only a contemporary phenomenon but has been one of the main aspects of Australia’s economic and industrial development for the last two centuries. . . . Resource booms and busts also shaped international trading arrangements and exchange rate effects caused by rapid development in one sector influenced the other and the economy as a whole. The impact of the recent mining-related appreciation and depreciation of the Australian dollar on agricultural production illustrates this mechanism. Other examples for such interconnected effects are the development of regulations about land ownership and water use, urbanization processes and the resulting demand for food, the rise of heavy industry and the respective impact on labour markets.
    For a fuller description and submission information, please consult the complete call for papers. The deadline for all proposals is November 15, 2015. To follow information about the APEBH meeting, please check the conference website.