Monday, June 8, 2015

Web Exhibit: “Roles of Women in Securities Regulation”

The SEC Historical Society launched a new gallery last month, "The Open Door: Roles of Women in Securities Regulation." As the website explains:
Both the SEC and the NASD [National Association of Securities Dealers] afforded opportunities for work and advancement, opening a door for professional inclusion in an industry often deemed to be closed to women. The Gallery highlights how women working in securities regulation have progressed over the decades, from roles and jobs defined by their gender, to opportunities recognizing their professional expertise and experiences. Working with their male colleagues, the contributions of women, with increasing authority and prominence, have had and continue to have a profound effect in meeting the challenges of regulation.
The site includes essays on the roles of women over time and links to many documents and images from the SEC holdings, including letters, memos, and oral history transcripts.