Wednesday, June 17, 2015

CFP: Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal Special Issue

The Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal (SEJ) has issued a call for papers for a special issue on "Historical Approaches to Entrepreneurship Research: Investigating Context, Time, and Change in Entrepreneurial Processes." Guest editors for the issue will be R. Daniel Wadhwani, University of the Pacific; David A. Kirsch, University of Maryland; William B. Gartner, California Lutheran University and Copenhagen Business School; Friederike Welter, IfM Bonn and University of Siegen, Germany; and Geoffrey Jones, Harvard Business School.
    According to the call for papers,
For this special issue, we seek theoretical and empirical work that significantly advances our understanding of whether and how historical research and reasoning can contribute to our understanding of entrepreneurship. In this regard, we encourage submissions that not only make contributions to entrepreneurship research and theory, but also engage the methodological and theoretical issues involved in using historical approaches in the management disciplines. . . . We welcome a broad range of ways to conceptualize and integrate history in entrepreneurship research, including as a set of sources and methods, as context (e.g. industry evolution), as an independent variable (experience at firm or founder level), as a mechanism (process, path dependency, or way of interpreting the past), or an outcome (e.g.historical performance).
For a more extensive discussion of possible topics and questions, please see the full call for papers.
       The deadline for submissions, which must be made via the SEJ website, is July 15, 2016.