Monday, April 20, 2015

Workshop: “Varieties of Capitalism in the Americas”

On June 4, 2014, the Centre for Economic and Business History (CEBH) at the University of Nottingham is holding a one-day workshop on "The Varieties of Capitalism in the Americas." According to the announcement,
This workshop aims to investigate the various histories and varieties of capitalism in the Americas. It is a common trope that in the US, at least, the War of Independence heralded in a modern, more capitalist (and better?) society. However, there are many definitions of capitalism and many types; taking case studies from 16th-century South America to the 21st-century US, this workshop aims to challenge any simple teleology of the rise or development of capitalism, or indeed any central type.
Speakers and topics are
Dr Elvira Vilches, North Carolina State University
Reckoning for Silver: The Global, the Local, and the Making of Money in Colonial Latin America
Dr Emma Hart, University of St Andrews
Trading Cattle and the Histories of Early American Capitalism
Dr Rory Miller, University of Liverpool
Business Groups, Multinationals and the State: Latin American Varieties of Capitalism
Dr Marc-William Palen, University of Exeter
Copying American Capitalism: The Global Response to American Economic Nationalism
Abstracts of some papers are available here. The workshop is free, but attendees must register, no later than May 18. For additional details, please see the meeting website.