Wednesday, April 15, 2015

SEC Historical Society: Gallery on Corporate Governance

Detail from J.S. Pughe cartoon, Puck, v. 61 (1907), LoC
The latest in the on-line galleries hosted by the Securities and Exchange Commission Historical SocietyI focuses on corporate governance. In the words of the curators,
This Gallery traces the development of corporate governance regulation of publicly-traded companies in the United States at the federal level. It chronicles the fitful search for a golden mean between power and responsibility, and the quest for a balance of rules that would allow managers the flexibility and authority required to run a successful firm while ensuring that corporate owners had a say in how their businesses were run.
Digitized materials include cartoons, letters, legislation, pamphlets, and other relevant documents. For example, there are letters and essays from Adolf Berle and Gardiner Means, transcripts of congressional hearings, SEC commissioners' and congressional correspondence, SEC Minutes, and oral histories.
    The Gallery was prepared and built by Carla Rosati; it is funded by the support of the Center for Audit Quality.