Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ed Balleisen Becomes Vice Provost at Duke

Longtime BHC member Edward Balleisen of Duke University has been named Vice Provost of Interdisciplinary Studies there. Balleisen is director of the Kenan Institute of Ethics' Rethinking Regulation project and a leading participant in the Tobin Project, a national network of social scientists who examine pressing public policy dilemmas. According to Balleisen, his research "explore[s] the historical intersections among law, business, politics, and policy in the modern United States, with a growing focus on the origins, evolution, and impacts of the modern regulatory state. [It] increasingly involves collaboration with historians and other social scientists who study regulatory governance in industrialized and industrializing societies."
    A graduate of Princeton University with a Ph.D. in history from Yale University, Balleisen has taught at Duke since 1997. Within the BHC Balleisen has served as a Trustee and most recently as chair of the program committee; he is also the incoming director of the BHC's Doctoral Dissertation Colloquium.