Sunday, September 14, 2014

OTC: Notes of Interest, No. 4

Items of interest from around the Web:

From the Museum of the City of New York: a new exhibition featuring the work of advertising illustrator Mac Connor (physical exhibit, but many on-line examples)

From the New-York Historical Society blog: a post on "When Edison Lit Up Manhattan"

As part of the British Library's "Endangered Archives" project, a large group of digitized documents from nineteenth-century Sierra Leone have been posted; many of the items concern "liberated Africans"--Africans freed from slave ships by the British Royal Navy

The program is available for "All at Sea: An International Conference on Prize Papers" to be held in early October at the UK National Archives; more information about the prize papers (intercepted mail and legal documents found on captured ships and now part of British High Court of Admiralty records) can be found here.
The Atlantic has an interview with Kara Swanson about her new book, Banking on the Body (Harvard University Press, 2014)

The Harvard Business Review has an annotated graphic of "The Chart that Organized the 20th Century"--the organization chart for the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific railroad system from Ray Morris's Railroad Administration (1910). (The book is available online here, but the chart, a fold-out, is not viewable.)

In honor of the 150th anniversary of the founding of Heineken, the Stadsarchief in Amsterdam prepared a special exhibition, "Heineken's Amsterdam." The physical exhibition closed in May, but the website remains (text is in Dutch).

Robert Darnton has launched a website on "Publishing and the Book Trade in France and Francophone Europe, 1769-1789," where "users can follow the play of supply and demand in literature, town by town and bookseller by bookseller. They can also study publishing strategies, pirating, smuggling, shipping, the role of booksellers as cultural intermediaries, and the pattern of best-sellers on a national scale."

A recent post on the blog of the James Hardiman Library at the National University of Galway describes the O’Connor Donelan collection, papers from a landed estate. This material is part of a much larger Landed Estates Database covering holdings in Connacht and Munster.